Welcome to OR-Library

J E Beasley

OR-Library is a collection of test data sets for a variety of Operations Research (OR) problems.

These test data sets can be accessed via the WWW using the links below.

OR-Library was originally described in J.E.Beasley, "OR-Library: distributing test problems by electronic mail", Journal of the Operational Research Society 41(11) (1990) pp1069-1072.

Those concerned as to any legal issues associated with using the test data sets in OR-Library should see here

The following list gives the available problem areas:

Airport capacity
Assembly line balancing
Assignment problem

Bin packing:

Biquadratic assignment
Capacitated minimal spanning tree
Crew scheduling
Corporate structuring
Data envelopment analysis
Edge-weighted k-cardinality tree
Equitable partitioning problem
Fixed charge transportation problem
Frequency assignment problem
Generalised assignment problem
Graph colouring
Graph planarisation
Ground holding
Hamiltonian cycle
Index tracking
Integer (and mixed-integer) programming


Linear ordering
Linear programming


Lot sizing
Map labelling
Matrix decomposition
Maximum clique
Maximum cover
Min-cut clustering
Minimum labelling spanning tree
Multiobjective optimisation

Network flow:

Nonlinear programming
Ore selection

Portfolio optimisation:

Quadratic assignment problem
Quadratic programming
Resource constrained project scheduling


Semidefinite programming
Sequential ordering
Set covering
Set partitioning

Shortest path:


Stochastic programming

Three-dimensional cutting/packing:

Time series forecasting

Travelling salesman problem:

Two-dimensional cutting/packing:

Unconstrained binary quadratic programming
Unit commitment

Vehicle routing:

J.E.Beasley, June 1990 
             Last update: June 2012