J E Beasley

OR-Library is a collection of test data sets for a variety of OR problems.

A full list of the test data sets available in OR-Library can be found here.

Set partitioning

There are 60 data files.
55 of these data files are the ones solved in "Constraint handing 
in genetic algorithms: the set partitioning problem" 
by P.C. Chu and J.E. Beasley, Journal of Heuristics, 
vol. 4, 1998, 323-357.
These data files are:
   sppnw01, sppnw02, ..., sppnw43
   sppaa01, sppaa02, ..., sppaa06
   sppus01, sppus02, ..., sppus04
   sppkl01, sppkl02
The format of these data files is:
   number of rows, number of columns (n)
   for each column j (j=1,...,n) in turn:
      column cost, number of rows covered by j, list of the rows covered by j
These data files have been contributed by K.L. Hoffman and D. Levine
A subset of these problems have been solved in:
K.L.Hoffman and M.Padberg, "Solving airline crew scheduling 
problems by branch-and-cut", Management Science, vol. 39, no. 6,
pp657-682, June 1993. A perl script to convert these files to MPS format
contributed by David Levine can be found here 
The remaining 5 data files are the files used in:
A lagrangean relaxation based algorithm for solving set partitioning problems
by Krieken, M.G.C. van; Fleuren, H.A.; Peeters, M.J.P. (2004), see
These files are:
These files have the same data format as described above and
have been contributed by Maaike van Krieken (M.G.C.vanKrieken@uvt.nl)
The largest file is sppus01 of size 68Mb (approximately)
The entire set of files is of size 124Mb (approximately).

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Other test problems are available here