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OR-Library is a collection of test data sets for a variety of OR problems.

A full list of the test data sets available in OR-Library can be found here.

Container loading with weight restrictions

There are currently 7 data files.

All of these files were contributed by E.E. Bischoff (e.lydiard@swansea.ac.uk).

The files are called wtpack1,wtpack2,...,wtpack7

These files were generated and used in:

[1]  M.S.W. Ratcliff and E.E. Bischoff, "Allowing for weight considerations in
     container loading", Operations Research Spektrum, Vol. 20 (1998), pp 65-71.
[2]  E.E.Bischoff, "Three-dimensional packing of items with limited load 
     bearing strength", European Journal of Operational Research, 
     In press (2005) 

The procedure used to create these test problems is described in reference [1]. 

These problems are single container loading problems, the objective being to 
maximise the volume utilisation of the container subject to limits on the load
bearing strength of individual items. As far as the dimensions of the container
and the cargo are concerned, these are identical to the ones which can be found
in files thpack1,thpack2,...,thpack3 in the general Container Loading section
of the OR-Library.

Each file contains 100 test problems. File wtpack1 contains problems with n=3 
different types of boxes. The other six files relate to n=5,8,10,12,15,20, 

For each problem the data has the format
shown in the following example:

    587    233    220          container length, width, height (in cm)
   10       29.8200845000      no. of box types n, total volume of cargo (m3)
    78  1    49  1    47  1    9   179.63  0.19527  0.18970  0.14661
    46  1    45  1    43  1   15    89.01  0.30357  0.09628  0.06765
    98  0    44  1    36  1   13   155.23  0.06698  0.13777  0.13664
   ......    where there is one line for each box type (for n lines)

The line for each box type contains 11 numbers:                         
box length (cm), 0/1 indicator
box width (cm), 0/1 indicator
box height (cm), 0/1 indicator
number of boxes of this type 
weight of box (kg) (which is derived from the product of the 3 dimensions) 
load bearing ability (kg/cm2) if box length placed upright
load bearing ability (kg/cm2) if box width placed upright
load bearing ability (kg/cm2) if box height placed upright.

The 0/1 after each box dimension indicates whether placement in the 
vertical orientation is permissible (=1) or not (=0).

The largest file is wtpack7 of size 140Kb (approximately).
The entire set of files is of size 550Kb (approximately).

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