J E Beasley

OR-Library is a collection of test data sets for a variety of OR problems.

A full list of the test data sets available in OR-Library can be found here.

Vehicle routing: fixed routes

There are currently 10 data files.

These data files are the first 10 test problems from J.E.Beasley
"Fixed routes" Journal of the Operational Research Society
35 (1984) 49-55.

Test problems 1, 2, ..., 10 from that paper are available in 
files fixed1, fixed2, ..., fixed10 respectively.

The format of these data files is:
number of customers (n), number of days
for each customer i (i=1,...,n): demand of that customer on each
day in turn

See the file vrpinfo for details of how to access the data needed
to calculate inter-customer distances.

The entire set of files is of size 15Kb (approximately).

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