J E Beasley

OR-Library is a collection of test data sets for a variety of OR problems.

A full list of the test data sets available in OR-Library can be found here.

Vehicle routing: fixed areas

There are currently 6 data files.

These 6 data files make up the 24 test problems in K.F.Wong
and J.E.Beasley "Vehicle routing using fixed delivery areas" 
OMEGA 12 (1984) 591-600.

Test problems 1-3 in Table 1 of that paper are available in 
file area1, problems 4-7 in file area2, problems 8-11 in
file area3, problems 12-15 in file area4, problems 16-20 in 
file area5, problems 21-24 in file area6.

The format of these data files is:
number of customers (n), number of days
for each customer i (i=1,...,n): demand of that customer on 
each day in turn (where a zero demand indicates the customer
does not need to be visited on a particular day)

Files vrp8, vrp9 and vrp10 contain the data for the 24 test problems
in Table 1 of the above paper based on 50, 75 and 100 customers
respectively. These problems were originally defined in
S.Eilon, C.D.T.Watson-Gandy and N.Christofides "Distribution
management: mathematical modelling and practical analysis" Griffin
London (1971).

The format of these data files is apparent from the tables of data
given in Eilon et al.

The largest file is area6 of size 40Kb (approximately).
The entire set of files is of size 200Kb (approximately).

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