J E Beasley

OR-Library is a collection of test data sets for a variety of OR problems.

A full list of the test data sets available in OR-Library can be found here.

Steiner problem in graphs

There are currently 81 data files.

78 of these data files are problem sets B, C, D and E from
Tables 1, 2 and 3 of J.E.Beasley "An SST-based algorithm for the  
Steiner problem in graphs" Networks 19 (1989) 1-16.

The following table gives the relationship between test 
problem set and the appropriate files:

Problem set         Files
B                   steinb1, ..., steinb18
C                   steinc1, ..., steinc20
D                   steind1, ..., steind20
E                   steine1, ..., steine20

The format of these data files is:
number of vertices, number of edges
for each edge: the end vertices and the cost of the edge
number of vertices to be connected together
the vertex numbers for the vertices that are to be connected
The remaining 3 data files are the incidence weights problems
considered in C. Duin and S. Voss "Efficient path and vertex
exchange in Steiner tree algorithms", Networks 29, 89-105 (1997).
These files are dv80, dv160 and dv320.
They have the same format as above except the first number in each file
is the number of test problems contained in the file, followed by
each of the test problems in the format given above. These files have
been contributed by C. Duin (email ceesd@fee.uva.nl).
The largest file is dv320 of size 18Mb (approximately).
The entire set of files is of size 33Mb (approximately).

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