Dr. Lu Gan
Senior Lecturer on Signal and Image Processing
College of Engineering, Design and Physical Science 
Brunel Univeristy, Uxbridge UK
Office: Howell Building 224
Tel:  +44-1895265117
Fax: +44-1895269782
Email: lu dot gan at brunel dot ac dot uk
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Book Chapters
 Y.C. Shen & L. Gan, Terahertz imaging with compressed sensing, (Book Chapter, invited), "Optical Compressive Sensing" (editor: A. Stern, Taylor & Francis, 2016)

Journal Publications

  1. Y. Dong, H. Lin, V. Abolghasemi, L. Gan, J.A. Zeitler, Y.C. Shen, “Investigating intra-tablet coating uniformity with spectral-domain optical coherence tomography,”  J. Pharmaceutical Science, vol. 106,  no. 2, pp. 546-553, Feb. 2017
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  5. N. Y. Yu and L. Gan, “Convolutional compressed sensing using decimated sidelnikov sequences,”  IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol. 21, no. 5, pp. 591-594, May 2014
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Selected Recent Conference Publications

  1. K. Wu, W. Wang, L. Gan and X. Gao, "Compressive CSI Acquisition and Non-Orthogonal Pilot Design for Downlink Massive MIMO Systems," in Proc. of IEEE Global Communications Conference 2016, Washington D.C., USA, Dec. 2016
  2. H. Deif, W. Wang, L. Gan and S. Alhashmi, “A local discontinuity based approach for monaural singing voice separation from accompanying music with multi-stage non-negative matrix factorization,” in Proc. of IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP) 2015, pp. 93-97, Dec. 2015,  DOI
  3. P. Zhang, L. Gan, S. Sun, and C. Ling, "Atomic Norm Denoising-based Channel Estimation for Massive Multiuser MIMO Systems," in Proc. of IEEE International conference on Communications (ICC) 2015, pp. 4564-4569, June 2015, DOI
  4. W. Zeng, H.-L. Wang, G-J. Xu, L. Gan, “Deterministic construction of Quasi-Cyclic sparse sensing matrices from one-coincidence sequence,” in 2015 International Conference on Sampling Theory and Applications (SampTA), pp. 153-157, June 2015, DOI
  5. S.K Pedram, A. Haig, P.S Lowe, K. Thornicroft, L Gan and P Mudge, “Split-Spectrum Signal Processing for Reduction of the Effect of Dispersive Wave Modes in Long-range Ultrasonic Testing,” Physics Procedia, vol. 70, pp. 388-392, 2015, link  
  6. P. Zhang, L. Gan, S. Sun, and C. Ling, "Deterministic sequences for compressive MIMO channel estimation," (code) EUSIPCO 2013.



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