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Allan Tucker - Senior Lecturer

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I have advised the UK thinktank REFORM on the Use of AI in the NHS
Report Here

Also advised on the Wellcome Trust on the ethical implications of the use of AI in health and medical research
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and the PHG Foundation on Regulating algorithms in healthcare:
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I am associate editor for BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making

I am on the editorial board for Journal of Biomedical Informatics

I am a member of the UK Health Data Analytics Network

I am currently chair for the AIME 2021 conference, Porto

I am advising the MHRA and CPRD on regulating the use of AI

Contact Information
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Telephone : 44 (0)1895 266933
Official Homepage.

Research and Interests

My first degree was in Cognitive Science at Sheffield University where I became interested in models of brain function and human and animal behaviour. I am also interested in learning AI models of multivariate time series in order to try and understand the underlying processes generating such data. My Ph.D at Birkbeck College, entitled "The Automatic Explanation of Multivariate Time Series" was sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Honeywell Hi-Spec Solutions, UK; and Honeywell HTC, USA. I spent two Summers working at Honeywell HTC on research and development.

Currently, I am working as a senior lecturer at Brunel University, heading the Intelligent Data Analysis Research group.

Current projects:

  • Sub-catgeories of disease for patient-specific diagnosis (Awad Alyousef PhD student, Pietro Bosoni with University of Pavia)
  • Non-stationary modelling of disease progression (Lilly Youssefi PhD student)
  • Pseudo time-series trajectory modelling for integrating longitudinal and cross-sectional data (Tom Nealon PhD student with Birkbeck College and Leiden University Medical Centre; Chris Beyer PhD student with Magdeburg University)
  • Dynamics of fish populations in the Northern Atlantic using Hidden Markov Models (Neda Trifonova PhD student; Laura Uuisitalo MSc project with University of Helsinki)
  • Biodiversity informatics for hereogenous data (Nicky Nicholson PhD student)
  • Extreme events in a changing climate: a Big Data perspective (Nathanial Harwood PhD student)
  • A multi-dimensional environment-health risk analysis system for Kazakhstan (British Council Institutional Links Grant)

    My projects involve collaborations with Moorfield’s Eye Hospital; Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead; Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew; Leiden University Medical Centre, University of Pavia, Magdeburg University, DEFRA and the Canadian Dept of Fisheries and Oceans.

    Current PhD students:

  • Lilly Youssefi (First supervisor): (Self funded)
  • Joanna Pawlik (First supervisor): (Self funded)
  • Awad Alyousef (First supervisor): (Self funded)
  • Erfan Sahadi (First supervisor): (EPSRC funded)
  • Ben Evans (First supervisor): (NERC funded)
  • Toyah Overton (First supervisor): (Self funded)

    Previous PhD students:

  • STEELE Emma (First supervisor): "Combining Heterogeneous Sources of Data for the Reverse-Engineering of Gene Regulatory Networks" (Completed 2009, Now at Open University)
  • HASSAN Fadratul (First supervisor): "Using Uniform Crossover to Refine Simulated Annealing Solutions for the Automatic Design of Spatial Layouts" (2013, Now at University of Malaysia)
  • ANVAR Yahya (Co-Promoter with Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands): "Converging models for interspecies transcriptome studies of human diseases" (2012, Now at Leiden University)
  • CECCON Stefano (First supervisor): "The Identification and Modelling of Key Stages in a Temporal Process" (2013, Isambard Scholarship, now at The Times newspaper)
  • LI Yuanxi (First supervisor): "The Exploitation of Cross-Sectional Studies to Infer Disease Processes" (2014, self funded, now at UCL)
  • FRANCO Chiara (Second supervisor): "Modelling the dynamics of CaCO3 budgets in changing environments using a Bayesian belief network approach" (2014)
  • BO Valeria (First supervisor): "The Integration of Multiple Data Sources for Building Robust Gene Regulatory Networks" (2015, departmental EPSRC grant, now at Cambridge University)
  • TRIFONOVA Neda (First supervisor): "" (2016, NERC funded, now starting at University of Miami in Jan 2017)
  • NICHOLSON Nicky (First supervisor):
  • HARWOOD Nathanial (First supervisor):
  • AL LUHAYBI Mashael (First Supervisor):

    I have secured grants from

  • Innovate UK
  • British Council
  • NERC
  • National Grid
  • The Royal Society

    I am or have previously been on the Program committee of

  • IEEE Computational Based Medical Systems,
  • American Association for Medical Informatics (Joint Summits),
  • Knowledge Discovery in Databases - KDD (Research),
  • AAAI (Computational Sustainability and AI Track),
  • IJCAI (Computational Sustainability and AI Track),
  • AI in Medicine Europe,
  • Intelligent Data Analysis Symposia,
  • International Conference of the European Federation for Medical Informatics
  • IDAMAP workshop series.

    I have reviewed for numerous journals including:

  • Nature Protocols,
  • IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation,
  • Special Issue of Machine Learning,
  • Journal of Biomedical Engineering,
  • AI in Medicine,
  • Annals of Operational Research,
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine.

  • I am currently General Chair for AIME 2021
  • I am Advisory Chair for IDA 2021
  • I was program co-chair for IDA 2017.
  • I was program co-chair for IEEE CBMS 2017.
  • I was general chair for IDA 2013 in London and was program chair for IDA 2012 in Helsinki
  • I was co-chair for IDAMAP 2007 in Amsterdam, IDAMAP 2008 in Washington, US, IDAMAP 2011 in Bled, Slovenia,
  • I recently co-edited a special issue of Methods of Information in Medicine.
  • I am on the board for AI in Medicine and a member of the Intelligent Data Analysis council.
  • I am on the editorial board for the journal of biomedical informatics.

    Invited Talks:

    Trajectories through the disease process, University of Porto, 2017
    Intelligent Data Analytics: Three Algorithms Inspired by Data from Life Sciences, University of Manchester, 2016
    Trajectories through the disease process, University of Pavia, Institute of Population Health, Manchester, 2016
    What is Big Data?, University of the 3rd Age, Royal Society, 2016
    What is the Fuss about Big Data? Is it a 'Gold Rush'?, BCS, 2015
    Artificial Intelligence: Useful Tool or Robot Overlords?, SciBar, 2015
    How to Analyse Big Data, The Royal Society of Medicine, 2014
    Artificial intelligence, usefull tool or robot overlords?, London Skeptics in the Pub, (and various other pubs in South East England) 2014
    Machine Learning Approaches to Modelling Fisheries Data, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, 2013
    The Intelligent Data Analysis of Natural Process Data, Harbin Institute of Technology, China (also to Makerere University School of Computing and IT, Uganda via Skype) 2012
    Probabilistic Models for Understanding Ecological Data: Case studies in Seeds, Fish and Coral, Keynote Speech at CompSust 2012, Copenhagen
    A Machine Learning Approach to Identifying Functionally Similar Marine Species, University of East Anglia 2012
    Combining heterogeneous data to reverse engineer regulatory networks, Rothamsted Research 2011
    Data Mining, British Computer Society 2011
    Bioinformatics tools in predictive ecology: applications to fisheries, The Royal Society 2011
    From Genes to Populations: The Intelligent Data Analysis of Biological Data, Leeds University 2011
    The Reverse Engineering of Gene Regulatory Networks, Imperial College London 2010
    Machine Learning for predicting fish population interaction, CEFAS, UK 2009.
    Bayesian networks and how they can help us to explore fish species interaction in the Northern gulf of St Lawrence, Maurice-Lamontagne Institute, Mont Joli, Canada 2007
    Making the Most of Small Samples When Classifying High-Dimensional Micro-Array Data, The Institute of Child Health, 2004
    Generating Robust and Consensus Clusters from Gene Expression Data, The European Bioinformatics Institute, 2003
    A Framework for Modelling Short, High-Dimensional Multivariate Time Series: Preliminary Results in Virus Gene Expression Data Analysis, Saint George’s Hospital, 2001
    Bridging The Gap Between Applications and Tools: Modelling Multivariate Time Series, The Royal Statistical Society 1999


    Journal Papers

    Please see full list on my official homepage.

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    Code and Data

    ARHMM Data and Code. This link contains ARHMM datasets and code in MATLAB generated for testing pseudo time-series algorithms.
    Consensus Clustering Code in R . This link points to the directory for the consensus clustering functions in R.
    RGFGA VAR Data . This link contains several datasets generated using the Vector Autoregressive model for testing grouping algorithms for Multivariate Time Series.
    Pseudo Time Data and Code. This link contains code in R to generate pseudo time series from simulated data.