Research Aims

I use and investigate large scale simulations in high-performance computing environments. In doing so, I look for generalized ways to make large scale simulations simpler, more relevant, more flexible and more efficient. I have a particular preference for multiscale or multi-model simulations, where effective combination of existing codes is the method of choice for addressing new science questions.

Research Topics

Modelling and simulation Multiscale computing High performance computing Research automation

Distributed/Grid computing Simulation development approaches

Forced migration and refugee movements Policy decisions and conflict evolution Infection spread Computational policy-making and community awareness-raising

Brain bloodflow Clay-polymer nanocomposites Star clusters Cosmological dark matter

Agent-based modelling

N-body methods lattice-Boltzmann methods Molecular dynamics Parallel-in-time methods

Prospective PhD students

If you're interested in doing a PhD within my research group, you can contact me at Derek "dot" Groen "at"

MSc and BSc students

We currently have four students doing FYP projects within our group.