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syn_churchsign.jpgNoam Sagiv, PhD   
Centre for Cognition and Neuroimaging
Brunel University, West London
United Kingdom

Research Interests:

        syn__book_coverSynaesthesia / synesthesia, personification, number forms, and related phenomena (see this review of recent work)

        Consciousness and the neural correlates of visual perception/awareness.

        Face perception, prosopagnosia (face blindness) , prosopometamorphopsia.

        Pseudo-hallucination, palinopsia, metamorphopsia.

  Contact details:
If you are a student at Brunel please contact me at:
If you have synaesthesia and would like to participate in research or have any questions on synaesthesia, please e-mail us at:
For any other business, please contact me here (researchers, journal editors, or journalists)

Updated: Oct 2010