Current Research

  • Male competitiveness, risk-sensitivity, impulsiveness and violence
  • Facial morphology, health and endocrine status
  • Perception of personality and emotion in faces
  • Social and psychological influences on male reproductive physiology and sexual behaviour.

I'm keen to hear from students interested in conducting PhD research in these and other areas of Evolutionary and Biological Psychology.

Some Past & Present Collaborators

Lynda Boothroyd - Durham University

Martin Daly - McMaster University

Matt Gage - University of East Anglia

Lúcia Garrido - Brunel University London

Steve Josephson - University of Utah

David Lawson - University of California, Santa Barbara

Ian Penton-Voak - University of Bristol

Michael Price - Brunel University London

Andrew Clark - Brunel University London

Isabel Scott - University of Bristol

Ian Stephen - Macquarie University

Todd Shackelford - Oakland University

Alison Surridge - University of Cambridge


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