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Research Supervision (ongoing)

Arianna Salili-James  Mathematical shape analysis and its application to greek pots and New Zealandian birdsong  (1. Supervisor, Brunel)

Research Supervision (completed)

Farukh Mukhamedov  High Performance computing for Discontinuous Galerkin methods   (1. Supervisor, Brunel, finished 3/2018)
Fatima Al-Shanfari    High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin methods in time for the Wave equation   (1. Supervisor, Brunel, finished 3/2017)
Matthias Gläfke    Adaptive Methods for Time Domain Boundary Integral Equations   (1. Supervisor, Brunel, finished 3/2013)
Carola Kruse   Regularity and Approximation of a Hyperbolic-Elliptic Coupled Problem   (1. Supervisor, Brunel, finished 3/2011)
Michael Andres Dual mixed contact problems (2. Supervisor, Hannover, finished 12/2010)
Elke Ostermann Boundary element method for retarded potentials (2. Supervisor, Hannover, finished 12/2009)
Ricardo Prato Time-dependent Eddy Current Problem with FEM-BEM (2. Supervisor, Hannover, finished 12/2008)
Catalina Dominguez FE-BE coupling for fluid-structure interaction (2. Supervisor, Hannover, finished 12/2009)
MSc 2012/2013:
Farukh Mukhamedov Least Squares methods for transport problems with parallelization
Zain Rahman Fast Solver for 1d Finite Element problems based on Domain Decomposition and Additive Schwarz Method
Emma Redgwell Discontinuous Galerkin method for the Heat equation
MSc 2011/2012:
Michael Wallner Algebraic Multigrid Methods for Higher-Order Finite Element Discretization with parallelization
Bhawana Rai Transport problems in poreous media with Least Squares Methods
MSc 2010/2011:
Pavla Frankova Multigrid Methods for Obstacle Problems with Parallel Computations
Elif Kirdag Fast Fourier-collocation methods for second kind boundary integral equations
MSc 2009/2010:
Nicola Ondracek Time Splitting Pseudospectral Methods for Time-Dependent Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations
Sonja Höllrigl-Binder Numerical treatise of the wave equation using the discontinuous Galerkin finite element method
MSc 2008/2009:
Fatima Al-Shanfari Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the Heat Equation
MSc 2007/2008:
Lothar Banz Elasto-Dynamic Contact Problems
Hanjer Zieroldt A Posteriori Error Estimation Techniques for Elasticity Problems
Matthias Gläfke  Boundary Element Methods for a Boundary Value Problem with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions
Julia Bremer Singular perturbed problems
MSc 2006/2007:
Philipp Dörsek h- and p-version Finite Element Methods for Elasto-Plasticity
Carola Kruse Convection problems on graded meshes
Jan KrensingThe h- and p-version of the fast multipole BEM
Karl RuppSolving PDEs in Electromigration using a Generic Template-Metaprogramming Framework
Valentin Schnitzer h- and p- Boundary Element Method with H-Matrices
Imke SchreekA posteriori error estimation and adaptive mesh-refinement techniques
Diploma 2011 :
Imke Schreek Adaptive error control for Lame with mixed Discontinuous Galerkin-FEM (1. Supervisor, Hannover)
Diploma 2009 :
Matthias Gläfke  Coupling of FEM and BEM for a Transmission Problem with Nonlinear Interface Conditions (1. Supervisor, Hannover)