As part of my duties, I'm the director of the MSc in Functional Neuroimaging here at Brunel University, which we offer as a 1-year full time (or 2-year part time) course.

The programme provides a strong theoretical and practical introduction to the world of neuroimaging research. The course is good preparation for a PhD in functional brain imaging, or for working as part of a neuroimaging team with fMRI and/or other imaging modalities. Students spend 6 months on four core topic areas (Principles of Neuroimaging, Practical Neuroimaging, Cognitive Neuroscience, Visual Neuroscience) and another 6 months on a research project. The course focuses in the main on fMRI, but also covers EEG/MEG and TMS. The CCNI has excellent research facilities including a 3T Siemens MRI scanner, a 32-channel Neuroscan EEG setup, and an MRI-compatible 64-channel Neuroscan EEG setup.

For more information, please visit the main Brunel course page, or feel free to contact me.

MSc Poster
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