Synaesthesia Research Laboratory


syn_churchsign.jpgCan I take part in research?


1) Do you personify letters, number, or objects?

We would like to hear from you if you experience



Example of gender/personality associated with numbers. Modified from: Day, S. (2005). Some demographic and socio-cultural aspects of synaesthesia. In L.C. Robertson & N. Sagiv (Eds.), Synesthesia: Perspectives from Cognitive Neuroscience (pp. 1133). New York: Oxford University Press.



2) Other types of synaesthesia we are currently investigating; please contact us if you experience the following:


Testing Methods

You are under no obligation to take part in all of these. You may choose to take part in a subset of the tests and you may withdraw at any time if you change your mind.  We use a range of tests including:



The lab is located in the Gaskell Building on the west side of the Brunel University Uxbridge campus.
Office GB168; Testing room GB262.
Click here for a campus map or directions (accessible via the Metropolitan Tube Line, Uxbridge Station; alternatively, a visitor parking permit can be arranged upon request).


Updated Oct 2010