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Bungee Jumping

Here are some video clips of me bungee jumping in the rainforest near Cairns, Queensland. The tower is 50 m high.

Somersault 1

Swan dive

Somersault 2

The tower and crew

Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

Here are some video clips of me at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. They are taken from Bud Greenspan's movie "Sydney 2000: Stories of Olympic Glory".

Nick talking to Kelly Suttle (USA)

Nick talking to Tatiana Grigorieva (AUS)

Stacy Dragila (USA) vaulting with Nick in the background

Gravity Waves

Here are some video clips of me with the cryogenic niobium bar gravitational radiation antenna in the Department of Physics, University of Western Australia. I was a PhD student at the time. The clips are taken from the "Quantum" television program on ABC.

Installing the bar suspension

Removing the bar supports