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291 Gallery is pleased to present the London premiere of

Blue Bloodshot Flowers

Performance installation: One night only 1st August 2001

Elfl.jpg (19866 bytes)Blue Bloodshot Flowers, an innovative and experimental performance, is the result of a collaboration between the Arts and Sciences Faculties at Brunel University and Surrey University. Sue Broadhurst from Performing Arts and Richard Bowden formerly of Systems Engineering have worked together to produce a performance which involves the direct real-time interaction between a virtual, artificially intelligent performer, Jeremiah, and a physical performer, Elodie Berland.

The performance is a text and movement based piece written by playwright Phil Stanier with music from David Bessell, a composer from the London College of Music. It involves the remembrance of a love affair. There is some ambiguity on whether it is between two adults or an adult and a child. Also if the narrator is dead – the ex lover is obviously long gone.

The virtual performer, Jeremiah, was born of a Visual Surveillance System, which allows him to watch and react to people and objects. His behaviour is keyed from what he sees allowing him to express himself, his emotions and interest in the world. This makes him more like a child than a computer system. In the same fashion as humans, he never experiences the same stimulus and consequently never behaves in the same way twice.

The performance is multi-layered in its meanings and as such is open to various readings as is the role of Jeremiah. Who or what role does Jeremiah play? Is he the voyeur or the absent lover? This is for you the audience to decide. Whatever reading you prefer, we hope you will enjoy your excursion into the physical/virtual world of Blue Bloodshot Flowers.

Director: Susan Broadhurst MAP2.gif (14995 bytes)
Technological Content Creation: Richard Bowden
Performers: Elodie Berland & Jeremiah
Stage Manager: Martin Lewin
Writer: Philip Stanier
Music: David Bessell
Programming: Pakorn KaewTraKulPong

Bar opens at 7pm, Performance at 9pm, free entry

For further details contact Lisa Jensen or Xenia Kalpa at 291 Gallery

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