J E Beasley

OR-Notes are a series of introductory notes on topics that fall under the broad heading of the field of operations research (OR). They were originally used by me in an introductory OR course I give at Imperial College. They are now available for use by any students and teachers interested in OR subject to the following conditions.

A full list of the topics available in OR-Notes can be found here.

OR resources on the Web tutorial

This tutorial aims to illustrate to you the wealth of OR resources (freely available) on the web. After you leave Imperial you may one day find that you have what you think is an OR problem, yet you need someone to give you some advice. Finding people/companies with expertise in particular areas is something that the Web enables you to do (with a bit of practice!).

Hence log-on to the server. If you do not have a valid log-on id for our server see the person taking the class.

Then using the web browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer) access my OR-Notes and use the OR on the Web section to: