Advances in network-based metabolic pathway analysis and gene expression data integration (with A. Rezola, J. Pey, L. Tobalina, A. Rubio and F.J. Planes), Briefings in Bioinformatics, vol.16, no.2, 2015, pp265-279

With the emergence of metabolic networks, novel mathematical pathway concepts were introduced in the past decade, aiming to go beyond canonical maps. However, the use of network-based pathways to interpret ‘omics’ data has been limited owing to the fact that their computation has, until very recently, been infeasible in large (genome-scale) metabolic networks. In this review article, we describe the progress made in the past few years in the field of network-based metabolic pathway analysis. In particular, we review in detail novel optimization techniques to compute elementary flux modes, an important pathway concept in this field. In addition, we summarize approaches for the integration of metabolic pathways with gene expression data, discussing recent advances using network-based pathway concepts.

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J E Beasley