Advances in linear and integer programming

J E Beasley

Published by Oxford University Press 1996 (ISBN 0 19 853856 1)

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Linear and integer programming are mathematical techniques that are concerned with optimization, that is with finding the best possible answer to a problem. They are often associated with the wider field of operations research. They have been studied and researched since the late 1940s and elements of them are now taught in undergraduate and graduate programmes in mathematics/operations research worldwide.

In recent years, after the advent of interior point methods, there has been an explosion of research into linear programming, as well as further steady advances in integer programming. This research has been reported, as one would expect, piece by piece in the research literature, i.e. at conferences and in journals. The reason for assembling this book was to bring together in a single text an accessible exposition of these advances.

With contributions from acknowledged experts in their field this book deals with:

Whilst some may read this book whole it is likely that the majority of readers will be most interested in particular chapters. For this reason each chapter has been written so that it can be read and studied separately.