Absolute return portfolios (with C. A. Valle and N. Meade) Omega vol.45, 2014, pp20-41

In this paper we consider the problem of selecting an absolute return portfolio. This is a portfolio of assets that is designed to deliver a good return irrespective of how the underlying market (typically as represented by a market index) performs. We present a three-stage mixed-integer zero-one program for the problem that explicitly considers transaction costs associated with trading. The first two stages relate to a regression of portfolio return against time, whilst the third stage relates to minimising transaction cost.

We extend our approach to the problem of designing portfolios with differing characteristics. In particular we present models for enhanced indexation (relative return) portfolios and for portfolios that are a mix of absolute and relative return. Computational results are given for portfolios derived from universes defined by S&P international equity indices.

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J E Beasley