The vehicle routing-allocation problem: a unifying framework (with E.M.Nascimento), TOP, vol.4, no.1, 1996, pp65-86

In this paper the Vehicle Routing-Allocation Problem (VRAP) is presented. In VRAP not all customers need be visited by the vehicles. However customers not visited either have to be allocated to some customer on one of the vehicle tours or left isolated. We concentrate our discussion on the Single Vehicle Routing-Allocation Problem (SVRAP). An integer linear programming formulation of SVRAP is presented and we show how SVRAP provides a unifying framework for understanding a number of the papers and problems presented in the literature. Specifically the covering tour problem, the covering salesman problem, the median tour problem, the maximal covering tour problem, the travelling salesman problem, the generalised travelling salesman problem, the selective travelling salesman problem, the prize collecting travelling salesman problem, the maximum covering/shortest path problem, the maximum population/shortest path problem, the shortest covering path problem, the median shortest path problem, the minimum covering/shortest path problem and the hierarchical network design problem are special cases/variants of SVRAP.

J E Beasley