O.R. education - a survey of young O.R. workers (with G.Whitchurch), Journal of the Operational Research Society, vol.35, no.4, 1984, pp281-288

This paper presents the results of a survey into OR education that was conducted with the help of those attending the Young OR Conference (YOR II) held at Nottingham University in March 1982. The results of a workshop debate held at the conference into the directions of OR education are also discussed. The conclusions drawn are that OR education in this country appears to be quite successful but that it is failing to deal satisfactorily with a number of issues. These issues relate to keeping up-to-date with changes in computer technology and their impact upon OR workers, the teaching of methodology to deal with ill-defined problems; preparations for the political and working environment of organizations; and the fostering of desirable personal characteristics.

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J E Beasley