A tree search algorithm for the p-median problem (with N.Christofides), European Journal of Operational Research, vol.10, 1982, pp196-204

In this paper we present two lower bounds for the p-median problem, the problem of locating p facilities (medians) on a network. These bounds are based on two separate lagrangean relaxations of a zero-one formulation of the problem with subgradient optimisation being used to maximize these bounds. Penalty tests based upon these lower bounds and a heuristically determined upper bound to the problem are developed and shown to result in a large reduction in problem size. The incorporation of the lower bounds and the penalty tests into a tree search procedure is described and computational results are given for problems with an arbitrary number of medians and having up to 200 vertices. A comparison is also made between these algorithms and the dual-based algorithm of Erlenkotter.

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J E Beasley