Dr Jacques E Furter, Mathematical Sciences, Brunel University

My training is in non linear analysis. My research involve aspects of pure and applied mathematics: bifurcation problems and singularity theory.


Current research activities are in symmetric bifurcation and singularity theories. Most of my research is analytical, but supported where appropriate by numerics or computer algebra.

What is singularity theory?

Singularity theory deals with (to be completed).

Research links

I have active research links with (to be completed).

More information

A list of my recent publications will be compiled. I am always happy to receive enquiries about my research activities, particularly from potential collaborators, students or postdocs. For potential postgraduate research students, the Brunel University application form is available online. A short version of my cv will also be available.

Here are a list of links that I find useful.


Titles of the final year projects I am offering for the academic year 2005/06 are:

Population Harvesting


Titles of the MSc. projects I am offering for the academic year 2004/05 are:

Plate Buckling

Rod Buckling

Plateau's problem

Bifurcation in minimal surfaces.

Population Harvesting

In the current Academic Year I am teaching in the following modules.

MA1920, Linear Algebra

MA2930, Analysis

MA3910/5532, Differential and Integral Equations

In the past, I also taught in the following modules.

MA3062A/5062A, Dynamical Systems

MA3??/50??A, Functional Analysis

MSc. (Warwick University), Spectral Theory

Here are a list of links that I find useful.


Here is a picture of our successful TQA team, and a few shots of the evidence in the baseroom.

Here are a list of links that I find useful.

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