Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros

I am a Lecturer in the Mathematics department at Brunel University. My academic interests lie in Algebraic Geometry, especially in problems related to Birational Geometry.

My CV is available here. Anyone interested in my work can contact me at .



The topology of terminal quartic 3-folds. My PhD thesis. arXiv:0707.1852.


The defect of Fano 3-folds. J. Algebraic Geom. arXiv:0711.2186 .The journal version is available here-- and an erratum ( J. Algebraic Geom.).


(with A. Corti and V. Lazić) Introduction to the Minimal Model Program and the existence of flips. Bulletins of the LMS. arxiv:0811.1047. The journal version is here.


A classification of non-factorial quartic 3-folds and applications to rationality questions. Math. Annalen. arXiv:0908.0289 .The journal version is here.


(with A. Kuronya and V. Lazić) Finite Generation and Geography of Models, arxiv:1202.1164, to appear in Minimal models and extremal rays, Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics, Mathematical Society of Japan, Tokyo.


Relations in the Sarkisov Program. Compositio Mathematica . arxiv:1203.3767. The journal version is here.


(with H. Ahmadinezhad) Non-rigid quartic 3-folds, arxiv:1310.5554, to appear in Compositio Mathematica.


(with A.Corti) The Sarkisov program for Mori fibred lc Calabi--Yau pairs,, arxiv:1504.00557 , to appear in Algebraic Geometry .


(with H. Ahmadinezhad) Birational rigidity of quartic hypersurfaces with cA1 points, in preparation.


Birational Geometry old and new, LTCC intensive course, 16-17 May 2016-- Some notes.

Analytic methods and skills ME1302, Autumn 2015 Brunel-- All teaching materials are available on Blackboard.

Probability and stochastics MA5604, Autumn 2014, 2015 Brunel-- All teaching materials (notes, example sheets) are available on Blackboard.

Algebraic curves, Autumn 2012, 2013, Imperial-- Lecture notes are here. Problem sheets: Problem Sheet 1, Problem Sheet 2, Problem Sheet 3, Problem Sheet 4.

Hodge Theory, Lent 2011, Cambridge-- The lecture notes are here, and the example sheets here: Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3, Sheet 4, Sheet 5, Sheet 6 . Please feel free to email me with comments or corrections on these.

Where I'll be

Higher dimensional Algebraic Geometry and characteristic p , CIRM, 12-16/09/2016.

Algebraic geometry old and new, Clay Mathematics Institute, 26-30/09/2016.


In 2011, I gave an interview to french magazine La Recherche to present some aspects of the Fano Search conducted by Coates, Corti, Galkin, Golyshev and Kasprzyk. The article is available here.