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The Brunel Institute of Computational Mathematics

14 - 17 June 2016

The internationally recognized MAFELAP conferences have been run by BICOM at Brunel University at three year intervals since 1972. In these conferences exposure is given to research on the theory and practical application of finite element methods.

The fifteenth conference on the Mathematics of Finite Elements and Applications will be held at Brunel University and run during

14 - 17 June, 2016

The aim will again be to bring together workers from different disciplines whose common interest is finite element methods, and to promote wider awareness throughout the finite element community of the latest developments in the field.

Further information will follow soon. If you would like to be added to the MAFELAP email list please send an email, giving your name, to with the words add to mafelap list in the subject.

Invited speakers:

Audio Visual facilities

All of the lecture rooms will be equipped with a Windows PC and a data projector. Your files can be loaded via USB flash drives or CD/DVD ROM media. Powerpoint and a PDF reader will be available along with basic office tools (such as Word and Excel). No other facilities can be assumed to be provided by these machines. We cannot guarantee that these machines will have an internet connection - if you require this for your presentations please contact as a matter of urgency.

A VGA cable will be available for connecting a laptop to the data projector. Please ensure that...

The second is particularly important. We do not have and will not be able to supply adaptors or cabling for any other type of video output (e.g. HDMI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, ...).

Every room will also have either a whiteboard or a flip chart for making notes and sketches during, for example, the questions and discussion periods.

Key deadlines

IMPORTANT: the abstracts will be supplied on a USB flash drive which you will receive upon registration. Our suppliers have now advised us that they will need all the material to be pre-loaded onto those drives before the deadline shown above. Therefore, if you wish your abstract to be included on that first version, please respect the earlier deadline of 25 April 2016. We apologise for the inconvenience but the situation is beyond our control. An updated electronic book of abstracts will be available for download during the conference.

Registration and fees

Registration for MAFELAP 2016 is now closed. Please note that we will not be able to take any payment on-site during the conference. Further registrations are no longer possible, and no on-campus accommodation can be booked from this point on.

Registration is now closed. For reference purposes only the fees for MAFELAP 2016 were:

* Students will be required to give details of their supervisor who will then be asked for a supporting email.

IMPORTANT: After successful registration you should have received two confirmation emails, one for payment and one with your booking details. If you did not receive these or have any other queries regarding your registration please email

IMA Studentships

As a result of a grant from the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications (IMA) the conference is able to fund a number of MAFELAP 2016 Studentships for research students who are studying at universities in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, who do not have other means of support. These studentships will cover the student registration fees at the conference (not accommodation or travel). Applications are now invited, and any student wishing to apply for a studentship should, not later than 11 April 2016, submit a Case for Support (not more than 1 A4 page) together with a supporting letter from his/her supervisor to

BICOM is very grateful for this support.

Call for abstracts and mini-symposia

To propose a mini-symposia please send an email to There is no formal review process - we will follow the practice of previous years and encourage the running of any mini-symposia related to the general MAFELAP themes and areas of interest.

We currently have the mini-symposia listed here running in 2016, but many more are welcome.

We expect that delegates will present in just one mini-symposium. Under some circumstances we may be able to accommodate two presentations, but we will reserve the right to not timetable one of them if the schedule is too full. Because of this, your first abstract submission will be assumed to be your priority choice. If you wish a second submission to take priority for scheduling then please indicate this with your submission.

To submit an abstract please follow the guidelines available here in PDF or LaTeX source. A skeleton LaTeX file is provided within the verbatim environment in that source file or, alternatively, a sample LaTeX file is provided here which you can amend for your needs. The appearance of the header part of the formatted output will be quite poor - this will be improved at this end when we collate the details so please do not change this part of the LaTeX structure.

Each talk will be allocated a 25 minute slot in total. We suggest that you use 20 minutes to talk and leave the last five for questions.

Getting here

Full details of how to get to Brunel University London are available here.

We recommend that delegates travelling from overseas if possible aim to arrive at London Heathrow airport (6 miles from Brunel). Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and City although all called London airports are, in fact, considerable distances from Brunel University London. Coaches run from these airports to Heathrow where you can take the bus to Brunel. Trains also run from these airports to Central London where you then need to take the London Underground to reach Brunel. For all these journeys you would need to add between 2 and 3 hours travelling time to reach Brunel and there would, of course, be additional costs.

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