Symposium Title Speaker (tentative) and Talk Title ACTION
APEL, Thomas
Finite Element Approximations in Optimal Control Christian Meyer - A priori finite element error analysis for state-constrained bounary control problems
Gert Lube - Is boundary control suitable for sigularly perturbed elliptic problems
Ira Neitzel - On error estimates for the finite element discretization of elliptic semiinfinite optimization problems
Daniel Wachsmuth - Convergence and regularization results for optimal control problems with sparsity functional
Shipeng Mao - Convergence analysis of a simple adaptive finite element method for optimal control problems
Arnd Rösch - A new estimation technique for state constrained optimal control problems
Dominik Meidner - A Priori Error Estimates for Finite Element Discretizations of Parabolic Optimization Problems with Pointwise State Constraints in Time
Uwe Prufert - Direct solution of non-smooth optimality systems for PDE control by FE software - space-time elements and smoothed projection formulas
Thomas Apel - Local mesh grading for optimal control problems in nonconvex domains
Serge Nicaise - Optimal control of the Stokes problem under reduced regularity
Juan Carlos de los Reyes - Finite Element Error Analysis for State-Constrained Optimal Control of the Stokes Equations
Martin Bernauer - Optimal Control of the Two-Phase Stefan Problem: Numerical Approximation Techniques
BESPALOV, Alex Finite Element Approximations of Singularities Hengguang Li (USA) - An FEM for the Neumann and Transmission Problems
Chad Westphal (USA) - Least-Squares FEM for Problems with Bounary Singularities
Alex Bespalov (UK) - Approximations of singularities by boundary element methods
Numerical Analysis of Unilateral Contact between structures Christine Bernardi (France) - Finite element discretizations of the contact between two membranes
Zakaria Belhachemi (France) - tbc
Yves Renard (France) - The Singular Dynamic Method: a well-posed semi-discretization of contact problems in elastodynamics
Patrick Hild (France) - tbc
Boundary Element Methods for High Frequency Problems Markus Melenk (Austria) - Mapping properties of Helmholtz boundary integral operators and their application to the hp-BEM
Steve Langdon (UK) - Fully discrete hp BEM for high frequency scattering
Tatiana Kim (UK) - A hybrid numerical-asymptotic method for high-frequency scattering
Daan Huybrechs (Belgium) - Local solutions to high frequency scattering problems
Emmanuel Perrey-Debain (France) - Adaptive plane wave basis in BEM for irregularly meshed scattering structures
Catalin Turc (USA) - Fast, High-Order, Well-Conditioned Algorithms for the Solution of Three-Dimensional Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering Problems
Mahadevan Ganesh (USA) - A fully discrete Galerkin method for high frequency acoustic scattering in three dimensions
Christophe Geuzaine  (Belgium) - An iterative approach for the solution of multiple-scattering problems at high-frequencies using finite elements
Ivan Graham (UK) - Lower bounds on the inverse of the combined potential operator at high frequency for a class of non-convex domains
Timo Betcke (UK) - Applications of fundamental solution methods in wave computations
Moss Mokgolele (UK) - High frequency scattering by a convex polygon with impedance boundary condition
Euan Spence (UK) - A spectral collocation method for the Laplace and Modified Helmholtz equations in a convex polygon
Lehel Banjai - Runge-Kutta methods for integral equations of time-dependent acoustic scattering
Jon Trevelyan (UK) - Adaptive PU-BEM for Helmholtz problems
Higher Order and hp Finite Element Methods for Wave Propagation Problems Sven Beuchler - TBA
Morgane Bergot - Spectral-Like Element Methods on Hybrid Meshes for the Wave Equations
Gary Cohen - A Spectral Spurious-Free H1-L2 Approximation of Maxwell Equations
Leszek Demkowicz - Transfinite Interpolation and Construction of H1 Shape Functions for Hexas, Tets, Prisms and Pyramids
Marc Durufle - Spectral-Like Element Methods on Hybrid Meshes for the Wave Equations
Tim Euler - TBA
Luis E. Garcia-Castillo - Goal-Oriented hp-Adaptive Strategies for the Analysis of Scattering and Radiation of Electromagnetic Waves
Paolo Gatto - Transfinite Interpolation and Construction of H1 Shape Functions for Hexas, Tets, Prisms and Pyramids
Hafiz Abduk Wajid - Dispersive and Dissipative Behaviour of Optimally Blended Finite Element/Spectral Element Schemes for Wave Propogation
Martin Huber - Domain decomposition for high frequency problems with p-FEM (p >1000)
Paul Ledger - Efficient Preconditioning for High Order Edge Elements Applied to Wave Propagation and Eddy Current Problems
Christoph Lehrenfeld - Efficient High Order DG Method for Time-domain Maxwell Equations
Lothar Nannen - TBA
Frederick Qiuw - Mixed hp-FEM for Linear Elasticity with Weakly Imposed Symmetry
Joachim Schoeberl - Domain decomposition for high frequency problems with p-FEM (p >1000)
Alexandre Sinding - A Spectral Spurious-Free H1-L2 Approximation of Maxwell Equations
Rafael Vazquez - Approximation of Maxwell Equations with B-splines
Sabine Zaglmayr - Efficient Preconditioning for High Order Edge Elements Applied to Wave Propagation and Eddy Current Problems
Adam Zdunek - hp-Adaptive Electromagnetic Scattering Analysis of Jent Engine Inlets
Mathematical aspects of finite element methods Thomas Apel (Germany) - Local finite element error estimates for optimal control problems
Constantin Bacuta (USA) - Multilevel Algorithms for Saddle Point Problems
Varis Carey (USA) - Error Control in Elliptic Problems with Pollution
Alan Demlow (USA) - Pointwise gradient estimates on highly graded meshes
Johnny Guzman (USA) - Local energy estimates for the finite element method on sharply varying grids
Dmitriy Leykekhman (USA) - Holder estimates for Green's functions on convex polyhedral domains and their applications to finite element methods
Hengguang Li (USA) - An FEM for the asymmetric Laplace Operator
DOSTAL, Zdenek
MAISCHAK, Matthias
Contact Problems Rolf Krause (Germany) - From Large Deformations to Dynamic Problems:Stable Discretization Approaches for Contact Problems in Elasticity
Igor Bock (Slovak Republic) - Dynamic contact problems for viscoelastic membranes: discretization
Zdenek Dostal (Czech Republic) - Scalable TFETI for semicoercive multibody frictionless contact problems
Tomas Kozubek (Czech Republic) - Scalable TFETI for contact problems - parallel implementation and real world problems
Tomas Brzobohaty (Czech Republic) - Scalable TFETI for contact problems - dynamic and real world problems
Ch Weissenfels (Germany) - Numerical modeling of electrical contacts
Matthias Maischak (England) - Mixed fem-bem coupling for non-linear transmission prolems with Signorini contact
Joachim Gwinner (Germany) - Approximation of higher order for unilateral problems and effective quadrature
Philipp Doersek (Austria) - Adaptive hp-finite element methods for the contact problems with Tresca friction in linear elasticity
Alexey Chernov (Germany) - hp-FE/BE coupling for interface problems based on Nitsche's method
Michael Andres (Germany) - Dual-mixed method for contact problems with friction
Jiri Dobias (Czech Republic) - Solution to nonlinear problems by TFETI method
Radek Kucera (Czech Republic) - Scalable TFETI for 3D contact with Coulomb friction
Petr Beremlijski (Czech Republic) - Shape optimization in 3D contact problems with Coulomb friction
Vit Vondrak (Czech Republic) - Contact shape optimization with parallel TFETI based solution of state problems
DUESTER, Alexander
RANK, Ernst
 Finite elements and geometry Leszek Demkoicz (USA) - G1-Interpolation and Geometry Reconstruction for Higher Order Elements
Joachim Schoeberl (Germany) - hp-Mesh Refinement on Curved Tetrahedral Meshes
Marie Beaudouin (France) - Sensitivity of cylindrical shells
Isabelle Ramiere (France) - General fictitious domain approaches with non-boundary fitted and multilevel nested structured meshes: theory and application
Peter Vos (UK) - A comparison of fictitious domain methods appropriate for high-order finite element methods
Alexander Düster (Germany) - The Finite Cell Method
Fehmi Cirak (UK) - Immersed B-Spline Finite Elements for Complex Domains
Bernd Simeon (Germany) - Adaptive Isogeometric Analysis with T-Splines
John Evans (USA) - Approximation properties of k-refined NURBS in isogeometric analysis
Alessandro Reali (Italy) - NURBS-based isogeometric analysis versus p-finite elements in structural dynamics and wave propagation
Giancarlo Sangalli (Italy) - Quadrature Rules for NURBS-based Isogeometric Analysis
Kai-Uwe Bletzinger (Germany) - Finite Elements and Optimal Shape Design
Marco Verani  - Adaptive Finite Elements for Shape Optimization Problems
EDWARDS, Michael
Recent Developments in Locally Conservative Methods for Flow in Porous Media Mark Ainsworth (UK) - A Posteriori Error Estimation for High Order Mixed Finite Elements
Todd Arbogast (USA)
Gabriel Barrenechea (UK) - Nodal symmetric locally mass conservative finite element methods for Darcy flow
Jerome Jaffre (France) - Subdomain time stepping and space time domain decomposition
Michael E Edwards (UK) - Multidimensional Upwind Methods for Flow in Porous Media on General Grids in 2-D
Mayur Pal - Non-Linear Flux-Splitting Schemes with Imposed Discrete Maximum Principle for Elliptic Equations with Highly Anisotropic Coefficients
Daniil Svyatskiy (USA) - A Multilevel Multiscale Mimetic (M^3) Method for Two-Phase Flows in Porous Media
Mary F. Wheeler (USA)
Daniele Di Pietro (France) - Convergence analysis of L type Finite Volume Schemes for diffusion problem on general meshes with discontinuous coefficients
EPSHTEYN, Yekaterina
RIVIERE, Beatrice
GUZMAN, Johnny
Theoretical and Computational Aspects of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods Francisco-Javier Sayas Gonzalez - Coupled HDG-BEM
Eric Burman - Stability without penalty:bubble staabilized discontinuous Galerkin method using a symmetric formulation for second order elliptic problems
Paul Houston - Application of Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Methods to Bifurcation Phenomena in Pipe Flows
Beatrice Riviere - A multinumerics method for solving a multiphysics problem
Rommel Bustinza - An a posteriori error estimate for an augmented discontinuous Galerkin formulation for Stokes problem
Yekaterina Epshteyn - Numerical Methods for Chemotaxis Models
Thomas Wihler - Exponential Convergence of hp-DGFEM for Linear Second-Order Elliptic Problems in 3-D Polyhedra
Johnny Guzman - An HDG method for the biharmonic problem
Ilaria Perugia - Discontinuous Galerkin approximation of eigenvalue problems
Jue Yan - A new discontinuous Galerkin method for directly solving Hamilton-Jacobi equations
Guido Kanschat - Discontinuous Galerkin methods for radiative transfer in diffusive regimes
Dominik Schoetzau - A Mixed DG Method for Linearized Incompressible Magnetohydrodynamics
Jennifer Ryan - Local Derivative Post-processing for the discontinuouis Galerkin method
Marcus Grote - Discontinuous Galerkin methods and local time-stepping for transient electromagnetic waves
Slimane Adjerid - A Posteriori DG Error Estimates for Hyperbolic Systems
Fatih Celiker - Hybridized DG methods for Timoshenko beams
Paula Antonietti - Bubble stabilization of the Baumann-Oden DG formulation
Benjamin Stamm - A posterior estimates of the bubble stabilized discontinuous Galerkin method
Daniela Capatina - A discontinuous Galerkin method for the Stokes equations related to nonconforming finite element methods
Recent Advances in Discontinuous Galerkin Methods Paul Houston - hp-Anisotropic Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Compressible Flows
Thomas Wihler - hp-Optimality in DG methods for elliptic problems
Ferenc Izsak - A high-order DG method for the time harmonic Maxwell equations
Miloslav Feistauer - On the DG method for the solution of IBVP's in time dependent domains
Alexandre Ern - Discrete functional analysis results for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
Vit Dolejsi - On the optimality of IPG methods for odd degrees of polynomial approximation
Vaclav Kucera - Optimal error estimates for nonlinear diffusion in the DG method
Jaap van der Vegt - Analysis of multigrid techniques for higher order accurate DG discretizations
HEUER, Norbert
SELLIER, Antoine
Boundary Elements: theory and applications
Dedicated to Prof. George Hsiao on the occasion of his 75th birthday
George Hsiao (USA) - Boundary integral equation method for an initial-boundary value problem in viscous compressible flow
Francisco-Javier Sayas (Spain) - New results on non-symmetric BEM-FEM coupling schemes
Alastair Radcliffe (Germany) - Symmetric and Non-Symmetric FEM-BEM Coupling for the Exterior Stokes problem
Wolfgang Wendland (Germany) - On the Gauss problem
Martin Healey (UK) - The mortar boundary element method
Dirk Praetorius (Austria) - Convergence of Adaptive BEM
Fabian Duddeck (UK) - On the Mathematics for a Hybrid Boundary Element Approach based on Traditional Boundary Integral Equations and Alternative Boundary Integral Equations via the Fourier Transform
Antoine Sellier (France) - Regularized boundary-integral equations for creeping-flow problems involving arbitrary clusters of spherical droplets
Alexei Bespalov (UK) - On the convergence analysis of high-order BEM for electro-magnetic scattering in three dimensions
Victor Dominguez (Spain) - Mathematical analysis of a high order Nystrom method for BIEs in three dimensional scattering problems
Alexey Chernov (Germany) - Exponential Convergence of hp Quadratures for Integral Opertors with Gevrey Kernels
Matthais Maischak (UK) - hp-BEM on curved surfaces
Luiz Wrobel (UK) An inverse geometric problem for the localisation of skin tumours by thermal analysis
Alessandro Brancati (UK) - Rapid solver for 3D Acoustic Problems using Boundary Element Method
Isabelle Terrasse (USA) - Applications of Fast Multipole Methods in aeronautics
El-Hadji Koné (France) - Treatment of Singularities for a Volume Integral Equation
JOHN, Volker
KUZMIN, Dmitri
LUBE, Gert
Finite Element Methods for Convection-dominated problems Johnny Guzman (USA) - Analysis of higher-order streamline diffusion methods on arbitrary grids
Petr Knobloch (Prague) - New variant of the local projection method for convection-diffusion-reaction equations
Friedhelm Schieweck (Magdeburg) - Adaptive Postprocessing for Local Projection Stabilization Methods
Erik Burman (Sussex) - Finite element methods with symmetric stabilization for the transient convection-diffusion-reaction equation
Alexandre Ern (Paris) - Explicit Runge-Kutta schemes and finite element methods with symmetric stabilization for first-order PDE systems
Dmitri Kuzmin (Dortmund) - Limiting techniques for continuous and discontinuous Galerkin approximations to convection-dominated transport equations
P. van Slingerland (Delft) - A local theta scheme for advection problems with strongly varying meshes and velocity profiles
Julia Novo (Spain) - Stabilization of Galerkin finite element methods for transient advection-diffusion problems
Matthias M"oller (Dortmund) - Goal-oriented error estimates and mesh adaptation for flux-limited Galerkin schemes
Marcel Gurris - A Robust Semi-Implicit Finite Element Scheme for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems
Carola Kruse (Brunel) - Regularity and Approximation of Elliptic-Hyperbolic Coupled Problems
Gunar Matthies (Bochum) - Local projection methods for flow problems
John Evans (USA) - Enforcement of constraints in the variational multiscale method for convection-dominated problems
Volker John (Saarlandes) - A Variational Multiscale Method for Turbulent Flow Simulations with Adaptive Large Scale Space
Gert Lube (Goettingen) - Finite element simulation of natural convection flows with minimal stabilization
Alexander Linke (Berlin) - Mass Conservative Coupling of Fluid Flow and Species Transport in Electrochemical Flow Cells
Johannes L"owe (G"ottingen) - Numerical Results for the Simulation of Natural Convection in a Square Cavity with Stabilized Finite Elements
Cardiovascular Biomechanics Leonid Kossovich - Mathematical Modelling of Human Carotid in Healthy, Affected, or Post-Corrective Surgery Conditions
Irina Kirillova - Finite Element Modelling of Arteries with Pathologic Coiling Behaviour
Padmanabham Seshaiyer (tbc)

Error control and adaption in evolution problems Stefano Berrone (Italy)
Javier De Frutos (Spain) - Error estimation in time dependent convection-diffusion equations
Alan Demlow (USA) - Localized pointwise a posteriori error estimates for parabolic problems
Fotini Karakatsani (Germany)
Charalambos Makridakis (Greece)
Serge Nicaise (France) - A posteriori error estimates for a nonconforming finite element discretization of the time-dependent Stokes problem
Tristan Pryer (England)
Rob Stevenson (The Netherlands)
Vanessa Styles (England) - Primal-dual active set methods for Allen-Cahn variational inequalities
Sören Bartels (Germany)
Panagiotis Chatzipandelidis (Greece) - A posteriori error estimates for the BDF2 method for parabolic equations
LANGER, Ulrich
Domain Decomposition and BEM Marie Sadowska (Ostrava, Czech Republic) - Scalable TBETI based solver for 3D contact problems (joint talk with Z.Dostal and T. Kozubek)
Clemens Pechstein (Linz, Austria) - FETI/BETI methods in unbounded domains
Thomas Rueberg (Cambridge, UK) - Coupling of boundary and finite element methods for time-domain problems
Olaf Steinbach (Graz, Austria) - Boundary element tearing and interconnecting methods for non-elliptic partial differential equations
MELENK, Marcus
SAUTER, Stephan
FEM for highly indefinite and eigenvalue problems Joachim Schoeberl (Germany) - Hybrid Finite Elements for the Helmholtz Equation
Stefan Sauter (Switzerland) - Convergence Analysis for Finite Element Discretizations of the Helmholtz Equation
Irene Livshits (USA) - New multigrid approach for finding many eigenfunctions of discrete PDEs
Steano Giani (UK) - A convergent adaptive finite element method for photonic crystal fiber applications
Jeff Ovall (USA) - A robust error estimator for elliptic eigenvalue problems
Thorsten Rohwedder (Germany) - Convergence and complexity of an adaptive algorithm for eigenvalue computation
MIKHAILOV, Sergey Theory and Numerics of Boundary- Domain Integral Equations  
MONK, Peter
FEM with non-polynomial basis functions Teemu Luostari (Finland) - The ultra-weak variational formulation using Bessel basis functions
Ralf Hiptmair (Switzerland) - Plane wave discontinuous Galerkin methods: convergence theory
Anderea Moiola (Switzerland)  - Approximation by plane waves
Gwenael Gabard (UK) - Non-reflecting and modal boundary conditions for the wave-based discontinuous Galerkin method
Jari Toivanan (USA) - The Discontinuous Enrichment Method for the Helmholtz Equation
Timo Betcke (UK) - Analysis of a least-squares finite element method for scattering on polygons
Wim Desmet (Belgium) - On the use of a Trefftz-based wave based prediction technique for solving Helmholtz problems involving multiple scatterers
Annalisa Buffa (Italy) - NURBS based discretization methods for PDEs
Validation and robust prediction in computational science Ernesto Prudencio (USA) - Computationally Intensive Calibration and Validation of Thermochemical Models with Shock Tube Radiation Measurements
Thomas Carraro (USA) - An adaptive finite element method for optimal experimental design
Houman Owhadi (USA) - Uncertainty Quantification in Modular and Hierarchical Structures through Concentration of Measure Inequalities
Tony O'Hagan (UK) - Validating uncertain predictions
Barbara Goller (Austria) - Robust Modal Updating with insufficient Data
Todd Oliver (USA) - Model Uncertainty Modeling for the Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations
Omar Lakkis (UK) - Monte-Carlo simulations and benchmarking for the stochastic Allen-Cahn problem
Goal-oriented error estimation and adaptivity David Pardo (Spain) - Parallel goal-oriented adaptivity for a Fourier finite element method.  Applications to the oil-industry
Ludovic Chamoin (France) - Goal-oriented error estimation through strict and effective bounds for fracture mechanics problems solved with the XFEM
Bruno Turcksin (USA) - Goal-oriented mesh adaptivity for 3-D SPN equations
Simona Perotto (Italy) - Mesh adaptation driven by a posteriori error estimators in an anisotropic framework
Mike Warby (UK) - Discretization error and modelling error in the context of the inflation of hyperelastic membranes
Paul Bauman (USA) - Goal-oriented error estimation and adaptive modeling of coupled particle and continuum models
Fabio Nobile (Italy) - Model adaptation for electrocardiology applications
Kris van der Zee (The Netherlands) - Goal-oriented error estimationa nd adaptivity of fluid-structure interaction using exact linearized adjoints
Thomas Richter (Germany) - Adaptive finite element solution of fluid-structure interaction problems
Winnifried Wollner (Germany) - A posteriori error estimates for state-constrained optimal control on non-smooth domains
Serge Prudhomme (USA) - Multiscale modeling using numerical homogenization, adaptive meshes, and Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse
Karel Segeth (Czech Republic) - Analytical and computational a posteriori error estimates for adaptive finite element methods
Martin Vohralik (France) - Guaranteed and robust a posteriori error estimates for problems with inhomogeneous coefficients and dominant reaction
Linda El Alaoui (France) - Fully computable error estimatros for nonlinear problems
Zhaocheng Xuan (China) - On the upper bounds property of the smoothed finite element method
Malte Braack (Germany) - Dual-based a posteriori error estimation for quasi-periodic problems
Frederik Larsson (Sweden) - On a time-sequential adaptive strategy in FE-analysis for the visc0-plasticity problem
Dominik Meidner (Germany) - Goal oriented space-time adaptivity for simulationa and optimization of parabolic systems
BURDA. Pavel
Domain decomposition methods and hierarchical bases of finite elements Jakub Sistek (Czech Republic) - Parallel implementation of the BDDC method for linear elasticity
Bedrich Sousedik (USA) - Adaptive Multilevel BDDC Method
Ivana Pultarova (Czech Republic) - Applying hierarchy for constrains in BDDC
SCHNEIDER, Reinhold Numerical Problems in Density Functional Theory E. Cances (Paris)
E.K.U. Gross/Sharma (FU Berlin) - Density Matrix Function Theory
K. Hoke (WIAS Berlin) - Iterative Solution of the Kohn-Sham System for Semiconductor Devices
R. Schneider (TU Berlin) - Direct minimization with orthogonality constraints (tbc)
S. Schwinger (MPI Leipzig) - A posteriori error estimators for Hartree Fock and DFT
SCHREFL, Thomas New trends in micromagnetics Oriano Bottauscio
Sören Bartels
Alexander Goncharov
Riccardo Hertel
Pascal Jaisson
Marian Slodicka
SCOVAZZI, Guglielmo
LIPNIKOV, Konstantin
Advanced Discretization Methods Konstantin Lipnikov - Local flux mimetic finite difference method
M. Manzini - Higher order flux calculations in the Mimetic Finite Difference Method
M. Edwards - Quasi-Positive Continuous Darcy-Flux Finite Volume Schemes
R Herbin - A unified approach to Memetic Finite Difference, Hybrid Finite Volume and Mixed Finite Volume methods
G. Scovazzi - Advances in stabilized Lagrangian shock hydrodynamics on brick- and simplex-type finite elements
L. Beirao da Veiga - A Mimetic Finite Difference method for the Stokes problem
I. Yotov - Coupling of Stokes and Darcy flows using discontinuous Galerkin and mimetic finite diffeence methods
Higher-Order and Zigzag Bending Theories with Applications in Computational Mechanics Todd Williams (USA) - A New Type of General Theory for the Development of Nonlinear Multiscale Plate Theories
Marco Gherlone (Italy) - A CO-continuous Two-Node Beam Element Based on Refined Zigzag Theory and Interdependent Interpolations
Ugo Icardi (Italy) - Layerwise model with adaptive refinement across the thickness and fixed functional degrees-of-freedom
D. Versino (Italy) - An Efficiient, CO-continuous Triangular Element for Laminated Composite and Sandwich Plates with Improved Zigzag Kinematics
TOMAR, Satyendra
ERN, Alexandre
A posteriori error estimates for discontinuous Galerkin methods Serge Nicaise (Valenciennes) - Gradient recovery by averaging for DG methods
Richard Rankin (Strathclyde) - Fully computable error bounds for discontinuous Galerkin finite element approximations on meshes containing hanging nodes
Martin Vohralik (Paris) - Guaranteed and robust discontinuous Galerkin a posteriori error estimates for convection-diffusion-reaction problems
Satyendra Tomar (Linz) - Optimal cost for functional-type a posteriori error estimates for discontinuous Galerkin approximations
Guido Kanschat (USA) - Convergent adaptive iterations for DG methods
Liang Zhu (British Columbia) - Energy norm a-posteriori error estimation for hp-adaptive discontinuous Galerkin methods for convection-diffusion equations
Omar Lakkis (Sussex) - A posteriori error control for spatially discontinuous Galerkin schemes in evolution equations
Max Jensen (Durham) - A unifying framework for a posteriori error control for discontinuous Galerkin FEM
VERMOLEN, Fred Finite element methods in tissue and bone mechanics Rolf Krause (Bonn, Germany)
David Swigon (Pittsburgh, USA)
Etelvina Javierre (Zaragoza, Spain)
Fred Vermolen (Delft, The Netherlands)
Stochastic and multiscale numerical modeling of PDEs Todd Arbogast (USA) - Homogenization-based Multiscale Finite Elements for Heterogeneous Porous Media
Ivan Yotov (USA) - Uncertainty estimation for flow in non-stationary random porous media using stochastic collocation and a mortar multiscale flux basis
Mary Wheeler (USA) - Multiscale Basis Mortar Mixed finite Element for Multiphase Flow
Eun-Jae Park (Korea) - Coupling Mixed Methods using Mortar Finite Elements for Elliptic and Parabolic Problems