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Cognitive Modelling for Problem Gambling

The goal of this research project is to foster the understanding of the development of problem gambling via cognitive modelling. This work is supported by a research grant from the British Academy.

A number of different factors and tentative explanations for the development of pathological gambling have been provided by researchers in various fields, including psychology, biology, and sociology. The precise understanding of the underlying mechanisms is a prerequisite for effective prevention and treatment. In this project, such theories on problem gambling are implemented and simulated using the cognitive architecture CHREST.

Read on about our research and the intriguing question about how playing turns into a harmful obsession under "Project". Browse our "News" section and have a look at our publications list.

We welcome any comments about this research. Feel free to contact one of the researchers. However, if you or someone who is dear to you suffers from problems related to gambling, we would like to encourage you to contact a dedicated association for help (see the helpful links).