2011 London Workshop on Problem Gambling: Theory and (Best) Practice

This workshop took place at Brunel University, London, Tuesday September 13th, 2011

Problem gambling is an inherently complex phenomenon. Dialogue between diverse fields contributing to theory-building and good practice is a prerequisite to understanding problem gambling and for effective prevention, treatment and policy-making.

This one-day workshop was aimed at bringing together researchers, practicioners and decision-makers interested in or dealing with disordered gambling.

Topics of interest included: This workshop was co-located with the CHREST Tutorial: An Introduction to Cognitive Modelling on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011.

The workshop was supported by funding from the British Academy.


2011 London Workshop on Problem Gambling: Theory and (Best) Practice - Proceedings of Abstracts.

Invited Presentations


Presentations (Open Access)

A selection of presentations has been made available by their authors via the Brunel University Research Archive (BURA): presentation slides at BURA.


Workshop Poster


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Marvin Schiller
School of Social Sciences
Brunel University

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