Dr Tara Marshall


Centre for Culture and Evolutionary Psychology


My research examines the influence of attachment style, culture, and gender within romantic relationships.

1. I am investigating the influence of attachment security on the acculturation and adjustment of cultural newcomers to the United Kingdom. Through daily diary and experimental designs, my students and I are examining whether secure base priming may counteract the tendency of chronically anxious or avoidant migrants to reduce their involvement in the new host culture (the UK) and their maintenance of their heritage culture.

2. Several of my recent studies have examined the ways that the social networking website Facebook influences romantic relationships.

3. Currently, I am examining the factors that influence romantic breakup distress versus growth.

4. I am investigating the impact of rejection threat on the thoughts, feelings, and behaviour of anxiously-attached individuals. One stream of research examines the cognitive and self-regulatory impairment that may result from rejection threat; the other examines heightened adherence to traditional dating scripts that may, ironically, actually increase the likelihood of rejection.

5. I am interested in cultural differences in gender role traditionalism, and how these differences affect self-disclosure and intimacy in romantic relationships.

6. I am studying the Japanese indigenous concept of amae (expecting indulgence from a close other) how it is expressed in romantic relationships, its association with attachment styles and with relationship satisfaction, and whether there are equivalent concepts in other cultures.