OpenMath: Communicating Mathematical

Information between Co-operating Agents

in a Knowledge Network




John Abbott,' Andrd van Leeuwen2 and Andreas Strotmann 3*

with contributions by lUe Richardson and Marcel Roe]ofs




'Dipartimento di Matematica, Via Dodecaneso, 35,16146 Genova, Italy,


2Shell Services International, Patentlaan 9, 2288 EE Rijswijk, The

Netherlands, e-mail:Andre.MA.vanLeeuwen@is.shellcom;

3Universitdt K6ln, Z4IK, Robert-Koch-Str. 10, 50931 Kdln, Germany






OpenMath** airns at providing a universal means of communicating mathematical information between applications. In this paper we set out the objectives and design goals of OpenMath, and sketch the framework of a model that meets these requirements. On the basis of this model, we propose a structured approach for further development and implementation of OpenMath. Throughout, emphasis is placed on extensibility and flexibility, so that OpenMath is not confined to any particular area of mathematics nor to any particular implementation. We present several example scenarios to motivate and to clarify the objectives and include a brief discussion of the parallels between this model and the theory of human language perception.