Research Interests


   Professional Activities


Current PhD & Mphil Students

  • Mr. Anhar (Wireless Sensor Networks)
  • Mr Ahmed Al-Rawi  (Wireless mobile networks)
  • Mr Alaa Hamed Radhi (MIMO Antenna Design)
  • Mr Marios Sfendourakis (Localisation using Sensor Networks)
  • Ms Nur Ab Aziz (Reconfigurable pattern antennas)
  • Mr Oussama Al-Sabek (Wireless Ad-hoc networks)

Past Research Assistants

  • Dr Raffaele Di Bari

Past PhD Students

  • Dr Siva Kumar Subramaniyam: Wirless sensor network for pipe line monitoring
  • Dr Shiva Majidnia (TWI Ltd, UK): Non-destructive testing using eddy current methods
  • Dr Shariq Mahmood Khan (NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan): Mobile Ad-hoc networks
  • Dr Roohollah Haghpanahan (Brunel University, UK): Matematerials in antenna designs
  • Dr Christos Chousidis : Wirless networks for audio systems
  • Dr Billy Parthiban: Electronic systems for utrasonic transducers and electron gud welding 
  • Dr Thomas Peter (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia - UTM): Flexible and transparent antennas
  • Dr Michalis Spasos (TEI, Thessaloniki, Greece): Radio Frequency MEMS
  • Dr Yoel Giboudot: Beam dynamics in NS-FFAG EMMA
  • Dr Hattan AbuTarboush (Taibah University, Saudi Arabia): Frequency reconfigurable antennas
  • Dr Raffaele Di Bari (Airbus Defence and Space, UK): Diversity techniquesfor DVB-T
Past MPhil Students
  • Mr Ilias Peteinatos (MPhil):  WCDMA for Aeronautical communications