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Dr Hongying Meng (name)

Reader in signal processing and AI

Dept. of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
College of Engineering, Design and Phys. Sciences (Institute of Environment, Health and Societies)
Brunel University London
Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 1895265496
Email: hongying.meng at brunel.ac.uk

Research Interests and Representive Publications

  • (2017) Jan, A. , Meng, H. , Gaus, Y. and Zhang, F. Artificial Intelligent System for Automatic Depression Level Analysis through Visual and Vocal Expressions , IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems. [DOI] (IEEE Open Access, Online: Jul. 2017)
  • (2016) Meng H., Bianchi-Berthouze N., Deng Y., Cheng J., Cosmas J.,Time-delay neural network for continuous emotional dimension prediction from facial expression sequences, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. 46 (4): 916-929. [DOI](IEEE Open Access[Bib TeX]
  • (2005) Farquhar, J., Hardoon, DR., Meng, H., Shawe-Taylor, J. and Szedmák, S., Two view learning: SVM_2K, theory and practice , Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS)[PDF] [Bib TeX]

  • (2016) Aung M., Kaltwang S., Romera-Paredes B., Martinez B., Singh A., Cella M., Valstar M., Meng H., Kemp A., Shafizadeh M., Elkins A., Kanakam N., Rothschild A., Tyler N., Watson P., Williams A., Pantic M., and Bianchi-Berthouze B., The automatic detection of chronic pain-related expression: requirements, challenges and a multimodal dataset, IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.7(4): 435-451.[DOI](IEEE Open Access) [Bib TeX]
  • (2014) Meng H., Bianchi-Berthouze N., Affective state level recognition in naturalistic facial and vocal expressions, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 44(3): 315-328. [PDF] [DOI](IEEE Open Access) [Bib TeX].
  • (2012) Gao Y. Bianchi-Berthouze, N. and Meng H., What does touch tell us about emotions in touchscreen-based gameplay? ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. 19(4). [PDF][DOI][Bib TeX]

  • (2010) Meng, H., Appiah, K., Yue, S., Hunter, A., Hobden, M., Priestley, N., Hobden, P. and Pettit, C., A modified model for the Lobula Giant Movement Detector and its FPGA implementation, Computer Vision and Image Understanding 114 (11) : 1238- 1247 [PDF] [DOI] [Bib TeX]
  • (2008) Meng, H., Freeman, M., Pears, N. and Bailey, C., Real-time human action recognition on an embedded, reconfigurable video processing architecture, Journal of Real-Time Image Processing 3 (3) : 163- 176 [PDF] [DOI] [BibTeX]

  • (2012) Appiah, K., Hunter, A., Dickinson, P. and Meng, H., Implementation and Applications of Tri-State Self Organising Maps on FPGA, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 22 (8) : 1150- 1160 [PDF] [DOI] [Bib TeX]
  • (2010) Appiah, K., Hunter, A., Dickinson, P. and Meng, H., Accelerated hardware video object segmentation: From foreground detection to connected components labelling, Computer Vision and Image Understanding 114 (11) : 1282- 1291 [PDF] [DOI] [Bib TeX]

  • (2014) Intzes I, Meng H., and Cosmas J. , Technology of swallowable capsule for medical applications, International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, 14(4): 277-296.
  • (2006) Abel, E., Meng, H., Forster, A. and Holder, D., Singularity characteristics of needle EMG IP signals, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 53 (2) : 219- 225.

  • (2009) Meng, H. and Pears, N., Descriptive temporal template features for visual motion recognition, Pattern Recognition Letters 30 (12) : 1049- 1058
  • (2004) Liu, L., Chen, N., Meng, H., Zhang, L., Wang, Z. and Chen, H., A VLSI architecture of JPEG2000 encoder, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 39 (11) : 2032- 2040

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