Henry Nebrensky

I am currently part of the MICE collaboration, working partly on the Scintillating Fibre Tracker and partly on the charged-particle beam optics.

I originally came to Brunel to work on the Holomar project, on the in-situ holographic recording of plankton in the sea. Since then I have also become active in the digital recording and numerical reconstruction of holograms, and related computing issues - distributed computing and the Grid. As part of the GridPP project, I messed about with the monitoring of applications for CMS.

I am also involved with teaching on several courses - certain handouts and slides may be available.

My PhD work involved the use of holographic interferometry to measure mass transfer. Some material on holography and heat and mass transfer may still be available. The work was done in the Chemical Engineering department and Applied Optics group at the University of Edinburgh.

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Stuff for me:

A Laser Warning Symbol in SVG (and next rev.)

New Holomar website, under construction.

Listing of physics/applied optics jobs pages

Table of useful HTML bits.

Drop jaw in wonder at the semi-constructed thermoplastic holography page

Gasp in amazement at the incredible Archimedes-burning-the-Roman-fleet page, if it ever happens.

Stagger back in amazement from the most enlightning Monkey page, done any aeon now...

Mass transfer: the material here on the use of holography for mass transfer measurement is excerpts from that in Edinburgh above, though the bibliography and lists of web pages and journals are occasionally updated.

Henry Nebrensky

J Nebrensky @ brunel.ac.uk