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Guy Liu

Name: Prof. Guy Liu Guy Liu
Job Title: Professor
Office: MJ 259
Phone: 66650
Direct Line: +44 1895 266650
Fax: +44 1895 269770



Professor Guy S. Liu obtained his PhD at Oxford University, and specialized in economics of industry with a particular interest to China’s enterprise reform and development. He is also visiting professor at Leiden University, honoured professor at School of Management of Fudan University, and adjunct professor of Sichuan University between2001 and 2008 in China. He also lectures the Chinese economy and industry for visiting MBA/EMBA program at Oxford University, and lectures the macro economy of China at Leiden University. His research papers have been published widely in internationally leading journals such as the Economic Journal, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Comparative Economics, World Development, Economics Letters etc. He has pursued his research on Chinese enterprise reform since 1989 and is an author of two books: ‘Economic Reform and Chinese State-owned Manufacturing Enterprises 1980-87’ (1996), and ‘Exit the dragon? Privatization and state controls in China’ (2005). He has been invited as a guest editor for special issues on China’s economy and enterprise reform in a number of Journals including China Economic Review, Economics of Planning and Corporate Governance –An International Review, and an editor as well for Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies (Taylor & Francis). He has also been involved in policy-advisory work on Chinese enterprise reform for both British and Chinese government, and was a principal researcher for the World Bank funded project on China’s privatization and enterprise restructuring in 2006. In 2008 he has been awarded of the EU scheme (Marie Curie) FP7 Industry academia partnership funding in joint with other two European institutions for study on China’s electricity industry. Currently he is an advisor for Chongqing government of China in acquisition of UK companies. He is a regular commentator on China’s economic and business affairs for the BBC.




Research interests cover any topic related to industry organization, mergers & acquisition, internationalization of enterprises, strategic behaviour of firms, life insurance business, comparative corporate governance, China’s enterprise development and privatization, and China’s economy and industry.






Exit the dragon? Privatization and state control in China, with Stephen Green,2005, Blackwell, ISBN 1-4051-2644-2

Economic Reform and Chinese State-owned Manufacturing Enterprises 1980-87, with D.Hay, D.Morris, Y.Yao, 1994, Clarendon Press Oxford, ISBN 0-19-828845-X.




‘Corporate Governance Failure and Contingent Political Resources in Transition Economics: a longitudinal case study’, with Pei Sun, Asian Pacific Journal of Management, 2009

‘The Long-run Performance of Initial Public Offerings and its Determinants: a case of China’, with X.Cai and B.Mase, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, May, 2008

‘What Motivate and Constraint Politicians to Privatize? The Case of China’, with S.Pei & Wing T. Woo, Economics Letters, October, 2007

‘Can China’s Economic Growth be Sustainable in the Foreseeable Future? - Comments on a debate of the issue between Barry Naughton and Wing T. Woo’, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, November 2007.

‘Triggering the Chinese-style privatisation: motives and constraints’, with Pei Sun & Wing T. Woo, World Development, December, 2006

‘Openness and Efficiency of Malaysia, India and China relative to the World Economy: a comparative study’, with X.Liu and Y. Wei, Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies, 2006.

‘The class of shareholding and its impacts on corporate performance: a case of state shareholding composition in Chinese public companies’, with Pei Sun, Corporate Governance – An International Review, 2005, Volume 13, No 1, page 46-60.

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'How will Ownership in China's Industrial Sector Evolve with WTO Accession?' with Wing T. Woo, China Economic Review, Vol 12, 2001, Page 137-161.

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‘A two-decade Economic Reform in China’, Economics of Planning, with G.Garino, Vol 34, No 1-2, 2001, page 1-4

‘Competition or Privatisation: a lesson learnt from China’s Enterprise Reform’, Economics of Planning, with G. Garino, Vol 34, No 1-2, 2001, page 37-51.

‘Cost Behaviour of Chinese State-owned Manufacturing Firms in the 80s’ with D.Hay, International Review of Applied Economics, Vol 12, 1, 1998, page 25-37. (Ranking 2 )

‘When does a Firm Go to Grow by Takeover?’, with D.Hay, the Oxford Bulletin of Statistics and Economics, Vol 60, No 2, 1998, pp143 -164.

‘The Investment Behaviour of Firms in an Oligopolistic Setting’, with D.Hay, Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol XLVI, No 1, 1998, pp79-99

‘The Efficiency of Firms: What Difference does Competition Make?’ with D.Hay, the Economic Journal, Vol. 107, May 1997, page 597-617.

‘The Efficiency Impact of Chinese Industrial Reform in the 1980s’ with Z.Liu, Journal of Comparative Economics, No 23., December 1996, page 237-255.


Special issues edited (as an invited guest editor) for Journals


Comparative Corporate Governance: the experience between China and the UK, Corporate Governance—An International Review, 2005

China's Two Decades of Economic Reform, Economics of Planning, 2001

China's New Horizon: Challenges and Opportunities from WTO membership, China Economic Review, 2001






April 2008, awarded of the EU scheme (Marie Curie ) FP7 Industry academia partnership funding of Euro 600,000 in joint with Université de la Méditerranée and Swiss Electricity on ‘China’s Electricity Industry: efficiency, growth and environment’, start in December 2008.

Oct 2007, awarded by Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies for an international workshop in October 2007 on pension fund management and reform – international comparisons between China and the UK, £2000.

December 2005, awarded QingChuan Auto Co. Ltd contract to fund a PhD scholarship of £18,000 each year for three years (2006-2008), for a research project on ‘Privatization in China – current development and economic & legal constraints’.

May 2004, awarded the Dean’s Strategic Funding of Brunel University for China-EU comparative studies program in joint with Universities in China, £20,000.

August 2001, ESRC Project No: R21004 (ESRC Ref: R451265064), Amount awarded: £14,292 from 8. 2001 to 7.2003, Award Title: China’s Studies Seminar Series




Editor of Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, Taylor & Francis Publishing Group, 2002-date

Guest Editor of a special issue on International Comparison of Chinese and Western Experiences in Corporate Governance: Corporate Governance: An International Review, 2005

Guest Editor of a special issue on China’s economy for: Economics of Planning , 2001

Guest Editor of a special issue on China’s economy for: China Economic Review, 2001


Advisory and consultant activities for governments and industries


Advisor for ChongQing State Assets Administration Commission in takeover and acquisition of UK companies, April 2009 to date.

Project leader and advisor to: China Power International PLC, for a research project on Strategies for International Business Development – takeover & mergers with Western companies, 2006/07.

A principal research advisor to: the Development Centre of the State Council of China, for a research project on China’s privatisation and enterprise restructuring, in which the project is financed by the World Bank, 03/2004-2005

A mid-term reviewer to: Department for International Development of British Government, for China’s State-owned Enterprise Reform Project funded by British Government, October 2001


Phd Examinations


University of Jaume, Spain (the Growth and Competitiveness of the Chinese Economy), University of Bath (the relationship between firm value and corporate ownership: evidence from China’s listed companies), University of Nottingham (Essays on firm level adjustment to globalisation in China), Northampton University (An Institutional Approach to the Development of the Textile and Clothing Clusters in China: the case in Zhejiang Province), SOAS (Technological progress, productivity change and economic growth in Chinese industrialization), Surrey University(China’s tourism industry).


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