Industrial Product Designer

STG Aerospace Project,

STG blue pigment signage STG Aerospace are a small independent UK business who have grown to be one of the biggest providers of 'glow-in-the-dark' saftey equipment, signage and products in the Aerospace sector supplying Ryanair, British Airways and many more companies.

For the project a Brunel Alumni working at STG came to launch the project. In short the project was to find a new innovative use of the proprietary blue glow pigment they developed. Shown in use for signage on the right

Addition of STGs unique PL powder into a coaster helping illuminate the extra obstacle of a drink when leaving the middle seat; while also providing commercial benefits for the airlines.

Allowing for cabin crew to easily tell if drinks are finished for removal and for potential up-sales. With a short turn around between flights cleaning of the cabin is very important. The increased visibility helping identify dropped coasters. With the design winning 3rd place.

3rd place award certificate