Industrial Product Designer


Over the last few years I have done a large number of projects this page includes a few that missed out of being in the portfolio as well as some extra detail, you can download my portfolio using the tab above.

Fixperts final image

Fixperts Project

Year one project developing a hearing aid case for benny as part of the 'Fixperts' design concept.

Phoenix engravers chopping board image

Phoenix Engravers

Personalised laser engraving company and my first attempt at starting a business.


CAD Artifact Study

Example of Solidworks models recreated from real world references. Including a highly detailed VHS tape

STG Aerospace Coaster

STG Aerospace

One week long competition project with saftey signage company STG Aerospace

Paper Plane Launcher

Paper Plane Launcher

A fun creative project to learn arduino coding and hardware connectivity. Launching paper aeroplanes over 10m.

Lightly Entry

Lightly Project

One week long competition project as project zero working with Lightly Technologies.