Industrial Product Designer

Phoenix Engravers,

Phoenix Engravers was my first attempt at starting a design business and was a sucessful one. During just over two years of trading my small business grew exponentionally selling online through Etsy to 11 countries on 3 continents as well as market stalls across the UK.

Photo of engraved chopping board from business

Initially starting in November 2015 the company produced laser cut acrylic key rings, following the first market engraved chopping boards were included and quickly became the best seller.

With a focus on quality and craft after a couple of months the business transitioned from premade boards to making our own buying in timber and timber offcuts and repurposing as a chopping board before engraving. This included wood from local farmers with interesting grains and waney edges.

The business continued to grow and I represented my county (Stoke-on-Trent) in local, reginal and then national levels to try and win the National Market Trader Federation's under 30s Youth Trader of the Year in 2016.

Building on this sucess I started working on growing the business further and started selling engraved garden trowels and tools on etsy which quickly became one of the most popular products.

Below is a range of my work and photos from the business and the wonderful two years it ran before I closed the business and came to Brunel to continue my career in design.

(From this I won NMTF's under 30s National Youth Trader of the Year 2016)