Industrial Product Designer

Lightly Project,

Set as 'project Zero' for my second year at Brunel University. The project worked with innovative lighting panel designers Lightly Tech. The challenge was to use the 100mm2 by 3mm new lighting panel to create new lighting designs for use in bar or public spaces.

Ideation Sketch of Light Idea

Working with constraints of the design required the use of the Hikari SQ light source. When ideating designs the idea of a natural growing form emerged. I really enjoyed the exploration of making an artifical light and product feel natural.

For the project the main issue was making man made forms feel organic and natural, The minimal thin aesthetic of the Hikari SQ light technlogy is a key feature. When forming the fitting, I wanted to construct a natural “living metal” approach to the light that intrigued the viewer. With the Hikari SQ functioning as the head of the creature.

The design is initally formed using topologically focused material reduction. While this forms the creatures body shape an additional voroni pattern is added to help reduce weight and create the creature natural organic look.

Using motion sensors, the design automatically detects the presence of a person and activates the light. The longer the person is present in the “sight” of the creature the brighter the light becomes.

The design also offers opportunity for larger installations which would work as an interactive hive group. With an interaction between multiple creatures using the lights to flash varying brightness and “talk” to each other from across a room, passing coded light signals.

(this project won an award and placed in the top 10)

CAD of Design