MeLLow Workshop Schedule

Since November 2003, Martin Shepperd and Carolyn Mair, in association with STTF and BT, have been working on a 3-year EPSRC funded project, MeLLow (meta level learning for software projects), at Brunel University.

The aim of MeLLow is to develop and apply a framework to systematically interpret and exploit the increasing number of empirical results derived from comparing software project effort prediction systems. The project has highlighted several areas of inconsistencies which make combining and comparing results problematic.

For example, we suggested why inconsistencies within and between results in studies on comparisons of prediction methods for software engineering project cost estimation might arise, and have proposed ways to reduce them in the future. We hope our suggestions and proposals might produce more readily useful data from which a body of knowledge, and ultimately theories, can be built.

In order to discuss and expand on these propositions with experts from around the world we our holding a workshop on 17th and 18th October 2006. Invited speakers are presenting work on a number of related issues. Please see the schedule for abstracts, slides and photos of the speakers.


School of Information Systems, Computing & Maths
St Johns Building
Brunel University
Uxbridge, UB8 3PH
United Kingdom

Day 1: 17th October 2006

Decoding empirical data: what do we know about cost modelling?

Time Event Who Where
12:30 Registration and buffet lunch SJ004
13:30 Introduction and Welcome Martin Shepperd and Ken Darby-Dowman (Brunel, UK) SJ004
13:45 IT Research – My Big Challenges (slides) Dave Griffiths (BT, UK) SJ004
14:15 Estimating Project Success (slides) June Verner (NICTA, Australia) SJ004
14:55 Coffee SJ004
15:05 Practical aspects of data collection in industry (slides) Pekka Forselius (STTF, Finland) SJ004
15:45 How can you know what my data means? Chris Lokan (UNSW@ADFA, Australia) SJ004
16:25 Coffee SJ004
16:35 Results from a systematic review ... (slides) Emilia Mendes (U. of Auckland, NZ) SJ004
17:15 Comparison of group estimation studies (slides) Kjetil Moløkken-Østvold (Simula Labs, Norway) SJ004
17:55 Summary Martin Shepperd (Brunel, UK) SJ004
18:00 Drinks and dinner The Load of Hay pub

Day 2: 18th October 2006

Activities: protocol? methods? quality? Uptake by researchers?

Time Event Who Where
09:15 Coffee SJ004
09:30 Introduction + review of 17th October Martin Shepperd (Brunel, UK) SJ004
09:35 Meta-analysis issues (slides) Carolyn Mair (Brunel, UK) SJ004
10:05 How repeatable are systematic reviews? (slides) Steve MacDonell (AUT, NZ) SJ004
10:35 Coffee SJ004
10:45 Using CVS repositories for software engineering estimation (slides) Rahul Premraj (U of Saarbrucken, Germany) SJ004
11:15 Evaluating data quality issues from an industrial data set (slides) Gernot Liebchen and Bheki Twala (Brunel, UK), Mark Stephens (EDS, UK) SJ004
11:45 Coffee SJ004
12:00 Effort Prediction Models for Interval Estimation (slides) Ioannis Stamelos and Lefteris Angelis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) SJ004
12:30 On the difficulties in determining effort estimation accuracy in practice (slides) Ursula Passing (Germany) SJ004
13:00 Lunch SJ004
14:00 Chris Lokan, Steve MacDonell, Mark Stephens, June Verner and Mark Harman (chair) Reverse panel SJ004
14:45 All (in groups) Practical sessions SJ004
15:45 Coffee SJ004
16:00 All Group findings from practical sessions (slides) SJ004
17:00 Martin Shepperd (Brunel, UK) Summary SJ004
17:15 Farewell buffet and wine

Finally, courtesy of Mark Harman, a meta-level limerick!

A meta-analyst from Brunel
Wanted a systematic review as well
In defining these terms
Opening a big can of worms
We descended the pathway to hell.

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