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Work programme and methods

We plan to stage the research work in clusters of separated tasks, though some of them will be executed concurrently, as shown in Figure 1. A first cluster will include tasks such as:

  1. surveying and comparing state of the art techniques;
  2. establishing some basic results (theorems and related proofs) needed for the design of our verification system.

Figure 1: A gantt chart of the work programme. Straight lines indicate certain activity; dashed lines indicate possible activity.

This will take approximately 10 months. However, task 2 could be performed in parallel with the generic design of the system, so that the construction of the theory could be driven, in a sense, by the needs of the design and viceversa. A second cluster of tasks, to be covered in the remaining 14 months, will be dedicated to

  1. design refinement;
  2. construction of prototype;
  3. testing.

The last two tasks will not be performed as a sequence: a feedback cycle between them will be necessary, which could appeal to the results of the design stage.

Moreover, we plan to write a series of scientific papers, aimed at both international conferences and journals, in order to disseminate the results of our research.

David Gilbert
Thu Jun 20 09:47:49 BST 1996