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I am Leverhulme Emeritus Fellow, Emeritus Professor of Computing and member of the Computational Biology group in the Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences at at Brunel University London UK.

Previously I led the Computational, Mathematical & Statistical Synthetic Biology section of the Synthetic Biology theme in the Institute of Environment, Health and Societies. I was the first Dean of the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences and led its establishment during 2014-2015. In addition to this personal website, I have an official website.

My research activities centre around Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology and Bioinformatics. My current research is on the computational design of biological systems with a particular focus on network model based design. I am also currently active in multiscale modelling for systems biology, and more recently modelling pandemics, and computational linguistics. I have previously carried out research developing computational models of protein topology and associated pattern discovery methods for protein classification, and the use of Grid technologies to support eScience for bioinformatics. The main computational approaches I use are machine learning, graph theory and concurrency analysis.

I was a member of BioVisNet (BBSRC funded), and have been members of SynBioNT - a Synthetic Biology Network for Modelling and Programming Cell-Chell Interactions, the Synthetic Biology Standards Network, the Systryp (Systems Biology of Trypanosoma) project, and the EVIMalaR (European Virtual Institute of malaria research). Previously I was the co-organiser, together with Susan Rosser (Life Sciences) of the Glasgow iGEM team which scooped the Synthetic Biology iGEM 2007 competition Environment prize and a Gold Medal. I have been co-chair of the Symposium on Biological and Chemical Informatics for Health: Foundations for Systems Biology, June 2009 (Brunel University), chair of European Conference on Synthetic Biology (ECSB) II: Design, Programming and Optimisation of Biological Systems 2009, and co-chair of CMSB 2012 - the 10th Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology, held at the Royal Society, London.

I hold a PhD in Computing from Imperial College, London where my research was into modelling concurrent systems using computational logic, and was a member of the team which developed the PARLOG parallel logic programming system. I was an EPSRC Research Fellow at the European Bioinformatics Institute in 1998, and a Leverhulme Research Fellow (2000) in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UCL when I worked on the design and development of the TOPS protein topology computational system. I have served as Chair of the Biochemistry and Cell Biology Committee of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (2007-2009).

My contact details are:

David Gilbert, Emeritus Professor of Computing
Department of Computer Science
Brunel University London, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 3PH, UK

david.gilbert 'AT' brunel.ac.uk