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Timothy Cribbin, BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD.

Department of Information Systems & Computing,
Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK. UB8 3PH.
01895 266046



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  • BFS Spider - The Best-First Search (BFS) spider begins at the URLs you provide, then follows the links on those first pages deeper and deeper.
  • Big Picture(sm) Visual Browsing in Web and non-Web Databases - HotSauce "is a 3D information navigation system that allows users to effortlessly explore Internet or intranet websites and desktop content"
  • EDV: The Exploratory Data Visualizer - Bell labs application. Allows multiple linked perspective views for analysing large data sets.
  • ET-Map - ET-Map is a prototype Internet homepage categorization system developed by the AI Group in the MIS Department at the University of Arizona
  • HCI Research at Georgia Tech - We are conducting research in immersive and 3D HCI.
  • IEC - IRIS Explorer Center - a powerful, easy-to-use, sophisticated visualisation system with a user environment that allows users and application developers to build complex applications for visualising sets of data.
  • Information Retrieval at Glasgow - follow the research from people such as C.J. van Rijsbergen and Matthew Chalmers.
  • Information Visualization at CWI - based in the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands.
  • Information Visualization research at GVU - working on concepts like Information Murals and Semantic Zooming.
  • Information Visualization at the Univ. Texas. - Pan American - projects have explored information visualization and interactive environments for visualization primarily in the domain of document retrieval.
  • Institute for Visualization and Perception Research - The Institute for Visualization and Perception Research (IVPR) is an interdisciplinary group whose research and contract activities focus on the development of systems, displays and interaction techniques that enable scientists to explore multidimensional databases by visual and other perceptual means.
  • Internet Mapping Project
  • Indiana Univ. Visual Inference Laboratory - a multi-disciplinary research institute aimed at investigating the ways that visual representations support reasoning.
  • Lighthouse - a novel interface concept for information retrieval that integrates the traditional ranked list and a clustering visualization
  • NESTOR Navigator - a graphical Web browser which supports collaborative learning.
  • NicheWorks - tool developed by Graham Wills for analysing trends in huge datasets using node/link structures.
  • NIST Information Retrieval Visualization Engine (NIRVE) - a 3-dimensional interface designed to enhance the information retrieval process by providing an overview of a set of text documents as well as access to the details of the individual documents through seamless user navigation and manipulation.
  • Nonlinear Magnification Home Page - Nonlinear magnification is a term that reflects the fundamental process that is central to the many techniques which have been described in the literature under such names as "fisheye views" "distortion-oriented presentation" and "focus+context".
  • Pad++ Zoomable User Interfaces
  • Q-PIT : a populated information terrain - examines issues from multi-user virtual reality, data visualisation and the use of databases to support cooperative work.
  • SAGE Visualization Group - investigating novel ways of exploring information. These include new types of visualizations based on 3D graphics, animation, distortion and other types of techniques.
  • SGI - MineSet - data mining software: "data warehousing, data mining, and visualization are the new paradigm for analyzing and understanding your vast wealth of information."
  • ThinkMap - produce software that uses 3D animation to facilitate a diverse range of IT tasks including information retrieval.
  • TreeMaps - another visualisation approach for hierarchical data from HCIL, U of Maryland.
  • the mapping search-engine by Trivium
  • Visualization and Virtual Reality Group - conducts research in visualization and virtual environment technologies in order to demonstrate the utility and feasibility of visual displays of information to industry and government.
  • VIVID Centre, Brunel University, UK - under the direction of Chaomei Chen, this group seeks to bring together researchers from closely related research fields in order to pursue high-quality research within the field of visualisation and HCI.
  • WEBSOM - A novel SOM-based approach to free-text mining - Self Organised Maps.
  • Xerox PARC UIR Information Visualization - have created a set of new interactive visualizations for hierarchical information (cone tree, Hyperbolic Tree, Spiral Calendar, Disk Tree), linear information (Perspective Wall), matrix information (Table Lens), information space x time (Time Tube), document visualization (Document Lens).
IV Overviews (Software)

Useful Software

  • Advanced Visual Systems - variety of high quality tools for visual data mining
  • Cosmo Player - excellent VRML player
  • Hypercosm, Inc. - web-oriented 3D toolkit
  • KDNuggets - long list of links to commercial visualisation software.
  • Latent Semantic Indexing - Telcordia now issue licenses for this well respected text analysis algorithm
  • LSA@CU Boulder, USA - Nice interactive site demonstrating the power of Latent Semantic Analysis.
  • Morfit 3-D Software - Developers - comprehensive and free world/game development kit (looks good but I haven't tried it yet)
  • Vios - free software that puts the entire Internet inside a single shared 3D landscape. Software can be downloaded or ordered on CD
  • ViSta The Visual Statistics System - Free visual data analysis software. Nice scaling algorithms and graphing functions.
  • VTK - Open source C++ library for developing visualisations.
  • Wild Tangent - Free SDK for developing DirectX applications using Visual Basic, Java and JavaScript. Includes a nice web-driver that allows you to embed your applications within HTML pages. Powerful and very easy to learn. Highly recommended.
  • ZOMIT - package to aid development of zoomable user interfaces.
Commercial Systems
  • ILOG Discovery - Visual data analysis tool to visualize and edit data sets in a very wide variety of views: 2D graphs and charts, various kinds of treemaps, parallel coordinates, parallel histograms. The evaluation version is free.
  • Inxight software - commercial spin-off from Xerox PARCs visualisation and content-analysis research. Includes Table Lens, Hyperbolic Trees (Star Trees) etc.
  • Map.Net - search the Open Directory with this neat visual interface.
  • Map of the Market - a good commercial example for those interested in stocks and shares.
  • - Explore Landscapes of Information. Thousands of news articles, press releases and discussions, all mapped by topic onto a visual landscape.
  • SPIRE at PNNL - SPIRE provides a wealth of tools for exploring the information, including query, subset, and trend analysis tools.
  • SpotFire - information search/data analysis application supported by a variety of visualisation tools.
  • SSEC Visualization Project Bill Hibbard - focuses on making advanced visualization techniques useful to scientists in their daily work. We accomplish this goal by making two scientific visualization systems, named Vis5D and VisAD, freely available over the Internet.