Brunel Statistics, Data Science, and Learning Seminars

Seminars typically take place on some Wednesdays at 4pm during term time (currently via zoom).
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About the seminar series:

This seminar series allows a forum for promoting shared interests, from across the university. Importantly, career-young members – and particularly research students - are offered the opportunity of listening to, and assimilating the ideas that will be presented by the experts on thematic areas within contemporary mathematical and computational statistics, data science, and learning. We hope speakers from industry (with specific applications in mind), to be a key part in such collaborative efforts.

For this academic year, the primary theme of this seminar series and the accompanying workshop, is to provide an avenue for dissemination of the state-of-the-art in methodologies that underpin statistical learning and analysis of high-dimensional functional relationships between random variables, with the ulterior aim of automated prediction of the values of one of these variables at which the recorded values of the other are realised. We will focus primarily on statistical learning, modelling, and design and analysis of experiments in this framework. Other talks are of course welcome, both this year and in future.

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