Dans Sans Joux present:



UKIYO (Moveable World)

- choreographic installation -

Antonin Artaud Building

June 1, 2009



Stage direction by Johannes Birringer

Choreography by Katsura Isobe, Helenna Ren, Yiorgos Bakalos, Anne-Laure Misme, Ruby Rumiko Bessho, Olu Taiwo and Mamen Rivera

Fashion design concepts and art design by Michele Danjoux

Original music composed by Oded Ben-Tal

with live music performance by Caroline Wilkins

live piano by Kerry Yong

Photography and interactive image composition by Paul Verity Smith

Videography by Johannes Birringer

3D digital designs by Doros Polydorou

Scenography by Johannes Birringer

lighting design by Mamen Rivera

Staging assistance by Hsueh-Pei Wang

Assistant video camera/editing by Anne-Laure Misme

Audiophonics design by Mich¸le Danjoux

Virtual choreography and visual designs by Takeshi Kabata, Gekitora, and Hidenori Watanave.

Coordination of INETdance JAPAN/Keio University partnership by Yukihiko Yoshida.

Guest artists: Michael Takeo Magruder (digital art, computer science, London), Toshiko Oiwa (dancer/choreographer, Japan), Kieko Courdy (design architect, Nice)




(c) dap / dans sans joux 2009


Project directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux

Brunel University, West London