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rehearsal with Helenna Ren, Katsura Isobe and Anne Laure Misme (c) DAP Lab


DAP Lab Session on Sundy, October 25, 2009 // DAP Lab Session on Sundy, November 22 , 2009

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PHASE II start up

Last warm up workshop before our Japan trip, the Sunday, November 22 workshop brought some small and very interesting results.

We had asked the performers to prepare the character studies and ideas for sounding-out, continuing where we left last time, and reflecting on how such movement/design/sound work will be connected to the image worlds/virtual worlds.

Wel looked at Doros proposal for interacting with the virtual 3D world, and Katsura reported on her knowledge of Kabuki theatre as we looked at the Ukiyo prints from the 18th and 19th century and, especially, the actors prints.

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If we were all working with the "worker woman" or "instrument women" idea, taking the cloth also as instrument, and the speaker objects as instruments, and adding some research on relationships in movement/sound theatre/rhythm -- how would we imagine this to translate to, converge with, the projected virtual world - the space of avatars and the unreal? how is labor or the soma transported into the image space?.

We begin to "sketch" the process in more detailed manner, so each of us can have a visual or time line diagram of our materials, sources, and ways of connecting them in performance. We work together to remind everyone of our collective and inter-discipline processes, as we prepare ourselves to work with Doros and Eng Tat and Yongsoon and the MIXED REALITY lab in Tokyo, as well as communicate our artistic visions and methods to Japanese artists whom we shall meet in the open Symposium on December 9 during the UKIYO II Japan workshop.


After reviewing tapes of the workshop the performances (gestural movement with design garmented and objects, interrelation sounding to each other, connection to specific stills, slow motion animation in the projected world), there are some are very interesting moments that can be remembered. Everyone contributed well to the rehearsal. More audiophonic research is necessary of course, i expect that we form units in Japan and next year, and that close collaboration between sounbd/.music artists and Michele (design) will ensue, and here the input and development of the performers is crucial,.

We also need to coodinate the choreography with our images and the photography (Paul), and we shall shoot new scenes. I am developing a new structure for the dramaturgy:

-Prolog (Yiorgos and Olu live, Silent Film A): setting up "Dream/Revolution of the workers" -

Part I Choreography ; Symphony of the Workers (mostly all analog - photography & video, prints, reference back to Kabuki) -

Entre'acte (shortened/new film shoot, the Silent Film on the 'Smoke Language" of the Future) -

Part II Choreography: Moveable World/The new language (digital, interactive, with Second Life and virtual data space)

Part III (epilog): Brazhinsky's suicide (Dream of return to the native land)


Everyone is invited to help with the part 2 choreography and its integration with the virtual scenes. we shall do improvisation workshops, where each of you can work with Doros and Eng Tat in Tokyo. Once design and audio/sound artists work together, we plan more hard researach into computing and engineering. Thanks Xiaoyu for sharing some ideas with us about clouds and virtual studios.




22. 11. 2009 Johannes Birringer


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Further Writings:

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This research project is funded by a PM12 Connect/British Council Grant and a grant by the Japan Foundation

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