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Open Meeting: Networked Virtual Performance Envirorments: Japan UKIYO LAB

Date: 9th Dec, 2009


14:00 - 18 :00 Symposium / Presentation 19:00 21:30 Visual Presentation / Films

Keio University, Mita Campus, Keio University, TOKYO, JAPAN Global Security Research Institute, G-Sec Lab East Building 6F and 7F:


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A workshop-symposium on virtual performance aesthetics, choreography, telepresence design and transcultural communications


Panel: Prof. Johannes Birringer and DAP Lab (Brunel University), Prof. Adrian Cheok, Mixed Reality Lab, Keio-NUS CUTE Center (Keio University), Yukihiko Yoshida, Yoko Higashino, Un Yamada, Satoko Yahagi, Fumi Hirota, Hironobu Oikawa and after scorpio, Michiko Aoki, Inarra Sarrinen and Ballet Pixelle, Prof. Miki Wakamatsu



In this open symposium, panel members will discuss the possibility of Networked Virtual Environment for choreography with mixed reality design. With this enironment, participants of this research exchange project between Japan and the UK/Europe are producing the choreographic installation "Ukiyo" in 2009-2010.

"Ukiyo II" is a cross-cultural networked collaboration for the digital live arts of the next generation. The DAP-Lab company will plan exhibition of the new work in the U.K, Europe, and Tokyo at various media arts and performing arts centers in 2010 with the support of a grant by the Japan Foundation.

Ukiyo I, an interactive choreographic installation, had its world premiere, June 1, 2009, Antonin Artaud Centre, Brunel University.

Conceived and directed by Johannes Birringer, the installation UKIYO I, staged in London in June 2009, featured choreography and live sound by an ensemble of dancers and musicians, with fashion design concept and art direction by Michele Danjoux, photography by Paul Verity Smith; and 3D graphics and interface design by P V Smith & Doros Polydorou and artists from Tokyo (Inetdance Japan) who had participated in the workshops in London; original music and real time synthesis created by Oded Ben-Tal with scenography by Johannes Birringer, and lighting design by Mamen Rivera. "Ukiyo" explores the layers of perceptions in an audiovisual world that constantly shifts and fragments; the audience is invited to move in and around the space which, in its current version features five hanamichi (runways). Dancers perform simultaneous with digital objects in a virtual environment that is projected. The music and visual choreography for "Ukiyo" are designed for real-time interaction to animate the feedback system and generative algorithms through with the virtual space and the performer movements are intertwined.

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Related Information

December 3-13, 2009 Networked Virtual Performance Envirorments: Japan UKIYO LAB in residence with Mixed Reality Lab, Keio University (dir. by. Prof. Adrian Cheok)

In the second phase of the UKIYO project collaboration, the DAP-Lab team (Brunel University) will reside in Tokyo and be guests in residence at Mixed Reality Lab, Hiyoshi Campus, Keio University, directed by Professor Adrian Cheok. There the researchers from Japan and Europe will spend several days investigating new approaches to 3d virtual reality and virtual movement design, and exchanging knowledge and methodologies. In the second half of the UKIYO research encounter, Johannes Birringer and his DAP team will meet some of the leading Japanese choreographers and digital artists interested in hybrid performance choreography, and they will work together from 9th to 12th December 2009. An international symposium is hosted by Keio University during this time frame, with an evening program of presentations and films.

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This research project is funded by a PM12 Connect/British Council Grant and a grant by the Japan Foundation

dance tech network site of Ukiyo project


All photos (c) DAP-Lab



Project directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux

Brunel University, West London