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Networked Virtual Performance Environments 3: London UKIYO LAB

The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance & DAP-Lab, School of the Arts, Brunel University (West London) with Maison Artaud [dir. Hironobu Oikawa] and Keio University


documentation of the workshop

June 1-3, 2009

Joint rehearals, research sessions, and technological design session with sensor applications:

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June 4 - 6

Joint Rehearsals, "Artaud Method" (taught by Biyo Kikuchi), design processes, film shoot, sound and choreographic test rehearsals, leading to concluding dress rehearsal of the new 60 minute installation of UKIYO 2



Research Presentations

Tuesday, June 1:

Introductory rehearsals and dialogues bwteen DAP members and guests artists from Maison d'Artaud (Tokyo)

Wednesday, June 2:

Yukihiko Yoshida presents a contextualizing lecture on Kabukli/butoh and contemporary Japanese performance forms

Johannes Birringer presents a visual lecture on UKIYO design and scenograpahic concepts for the current production

Michael takeo Magruder presents a lecture on metaverses and virtual worlds/data worlds

Maki Ueda mkes a presentation on her last scent design performance in the Netherlands and proposes ideas for scentsory design for UKIYO 2

Thursday, June 3:

Doros Polydorou presents his newly programmed 3d virtual landscapes for the interactional "creation scenes" in UKIYO, performed by Katsura Isobe in the specially designed LeavesDress

Friday, June 4:

Michèle Danjoux presents visual designs and concepts for art direction

Biyo Kikuchi presents Hironobu Oikawa's "Artaud Method" : the group rehearses together

Saturday, June 5

Investigation of butoh form and photography / film shoot preparation

Film shoot for "Becoming Leaf" with Biyo Kikuchi, Yumi Sagara, and Jun Makime, directed by Johannes Birringer an designed by Michèle Danjoux


go here for impressions from the filming of "Becoming Leaf"


Sunday, June 6

Biyo Kikuchi presents Hironobu Oikawa's "Artaud Method" :and the group rehearses together. The workshop ends in the late afternoon with a long dress-tech rehersal of the new production of UKIYO 2 which is invited to be premiered at KIBELA in Maribor.


The premiere of UKIYO 2 at Kibela in Maribor is on June 18, 2010


here is the link to the choreographic installation on opening night



Further research materials from the exchange between DAP lab members and Japanese artists will be made available here.




Antonin Artaud Building, Studio 101


Johannes Birringer, artistic director, DAP

Tokyo artistic partnership (Keio University) coordinated by Yukihiko Yoshida

Lab Photos (c) DAP



This research project is funded by a PM12 Connect/British Council Grant, a RDF (Brunel University) grant, and is further supported by an award from The Japan Foundation.



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Project directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux

Brunel University, West London