LATela: Live Art Telematics Lab

Self Talking


S e l f T a l k i n g

telematic dance duet

(concept, direction, dance performance: Kelly Gottesman, Wayne State University)


(Detroit camera, and Isadora/streaming operators: Megan Brunke, Ezra Graziano)


(voice, text, piano: Johannes Birringer)


produced by ADaPT

live concert - January 22 & 23, 2005

Physical concert hosted by Wayne State’s Maggie Allesee Department of Dance featuring
works from WSU’s departments of Music, Communication and Art and Art History

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Kelly Gottesman live on Wayne State University Theatre stage

K.Gottesman's Description:

Self Talking, delves into questions we pose at various crossroads in our life. Who am I?
Where am I going? And how am I going to get there? These questions are poetically challenged by the voice of reason in my head, via a live broadcast from the UK, (Johannes Birringer at Nottingham Trent University). I am caught in a tug-o-war with my past self, current self and future self. I struggle to find my place within this triptych. My past self is projected on the screen behind me (streaming image). My future self is projected on the screen in front (ISADORA). I toggle back and forth between these two in order to find my current place


In a second internet collaboration between WSU and ASU, Kelly Gottesman and his team join up with John Mitchella and the Arizona crew, for the production of U-SAW-US.

Wayne State University Maggie Allesee Department of Dance
ADaPT Technical Director: Kelly Gottesman
Choreographer, Performer: Courtney Patton
Sound Collage: Assorted Artists, arranged by Ezra Graziano
Live Camera: Gary Cendrowski
Chat: Megan Brunke

Arizona State University Department of Dance
ADaPT Technical Director: John D. Mitchell
Choreographer, Performer: Stjepan Rajko
Live Camera, Chat: AJ Niehaus
Costumes, Accessories: Galina Mihaleva


On January 22-23, ADAPT also initiated the first transcontinental interface-performance between partners in the West (Nottingham) and the Far East (Tokyo).

Yukihiko Yoshida and Johannes Birringer perform with Saeko in the dance: "The Veil"

Saeko in performance

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crew at Keio: Saeko, Megumi Ikeda, Asako Kasane

technical director for ADAPT in Tokyo : Yukihiko Yoshida, Phd. Candidate: Keio University, Graduate School for Media and Governance, Research Fields: Cyborg, Media Technologies, Dance
principal investigator and project leader of ADaPT Tokyo (Japan), World Dance Alliance Asia Pacific /Research and Documentation Network and assistant:Project Xanadu/Japanese Society for Dance Research