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Interaktionslabor: Adoptive Systems

International Dance and Technology Lab 2005


2005-06 live performance projects:




"Self Talking"






"See you in Walhalla"


2007-13 live performance projects:

"Suna no Onna"


"Corpo, Carne e Espirito"



UKIYO (Moveable World)



UKIYO (Moveable Worlds)


DAP-Lab wearable design featured in BBC World Service Program “Click”, broadcast from London BBC Radio Theatre, February 25, 2014.


for the time being (Victory over the Sun)

Metabody: Audiophonic Wearables

2015-18 live performance projects:

Kimosphere no. 1, Artaud Studio, 2015

Kimosphere no. 2 MediaLab Prado, Madrid, Metabody Forum 2015

Kimosphere no. 3, visitors touching wearable design, presented at Metabody Forum London, 2016

kimosphere no. 4, visitor inside VR world as part of the installation, Artaud Performance Center, 2017

kimosphere no. 5, Queen Mary Drama and Film Theatre, 2017




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